Sunday, December 31, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 52

Cheers to taking the lid off and savoring into 2018.

Sitting and slowing down at the family table is always good idea.
Not one that I invented.
But a ritual I decided to nurture & create more often.
Lighting candles.
Unfolding napkins.
Savoring, feeling the food in my mouth.
Closing my eyes when I chew.
Loving and laughing with those I sit with.
Lingering longer.
Yes. Let's do more of that.

Say farewell to 2017 with a list of my year's favorite set the table recipes.

Red, White and Blue Cheese Christmas Eve Eggs
Grandma Millie's Kolaczki
Crockpot Cherry Chipotle Chicken
Creamy Garlic and Thyme Mushrooms by Deliciously Ella
Turkey and Mushroom Risotto
A Grateful Butternut and Brussels Salad
Spiced Mango and Orange Chutney
Simple Potato Soup
Tempeh Tacos with Raw Cashew Cheese by Sarah Britton
Fruit and Vege Salsa
Apple and Soffritto Puffs
"Vancity" Avocado Toast
5 Ingredient Breakfast Cookies
Summer Mac n Cheese - Herbed Orzo with Feta and Figs By Eddie McNamara
A Plum Pear and Pistachio Tart
Creamy and Pineapple Coconut Smoothie by Kimberly Snyder
Sizzling Seared Scallops by Jamie Oliver
Secret Ingredient Frozen Hot Chocolate by Sarah Britton
Mixed Noodle and Kelp Noodle Salad by Kimberly Snyder
A Jamaica to Chicago Jerk Sauce
Mom's Refrigerator Pickles
French Toast Waffles
I Lime You Very Much Frittata
A Taco Turkey Burger
A Party Time Tuna Salad
Sriracha Egg n Vege Salad
Porked Out Waffles
Rainbow Lasagna
An Easy Pasta n Crab Salad
Chef Alek's Simple Asparagus Salad
Lemon and Herbes de Provence Summer Grilling Seasoning
Veggie Snack Platter by Thrive
Make Your Own Pesto
Tommy's Sweet Potato Gnocci
Avocado, Egg and Strawberries on French Toast
A Real Shamrock Shake
A Sunny Side UP Super Food Salad
Vegan Cheese Sauce 
No Bake Chocolate Chip Fastballs
Blueberry Protein Bars 
Salmon Fish Fingers by Jamie Oliver
Get Stuck in Nachos by Jamie Oliver
White Bean and Tomato Soup by Jamie Oliver

Begin again. 

Set the Table 2018 starts on January 14th with Pure Barre Kildeer.
It all starts at hOMe plate.

To the Mullies we go... 


My Top 11 #SettheTable2017 Topics:
  1. Study: Eating Food with Fewer Pesticides Boosts Women's Chances to Conceive.
  2. Will the Gut-Brain Connection Revolutionize Wellness?
  3. Come to the table - Join Slow Food USA!
  4. Stay on TOP of the Global Food Revolution Newsfeed.
  5. Robyn O'Brien: Why Our Food Is Making Us Sick.
  6. Kimbal Musk Wants to Reengineer the American Stomach | Why Food is the New Internet. 
  7. Buy Antibiotic Free and Know the Source of Your Family's Meat.
  8. The EWG "Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen produce guidelines helps you save money + reduce the pesticides and herbicides = Antibiotics harmful to our gut microbiome + mycobiome.
  9. Avoid artificial colors and preservatives to keep your gut, your "second brain" happy + healthy.
  10. Why, When and How to Eat Wheat.
  11. Why do Some People do well as Vegans and Vegetarians (Clues from the Magical World of Genetics).

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