Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Soffritto Sister Diaries | A Fremont Garden Tasting - Chermoula

The Summer, this garden tasting, Terri's trip... it's pretty far away now, but at the same time, everywhere for me. 

I don't know when I'll see you again in person Terri, and that's what's so hard about finishing this Summer garden tasting series together today. 

I finished our video this morning after you sent me your completed blog. It was so hard and so wonderful at the same time. The true essence of the mullies isn't it? So hard to jump in but so worth it in the end. Terri's blog today was so beautiful! It made me cry... again.

AND now we are celebrating! The most anticipated garden tasting recipe is finally here! 

Thanks for being so patient with us and we sure hope this tastes as good in your kitchen as it did in our Fremont Community Garden that beautiful, hot day. Terri and I know it will be a new family table favorite!

Enjoy hopping over to Terri's delicious blog for the recipe and please feel free to tag us if you make it for your family table on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see all the fun you're having with your beautiful food - You inspire us too!

Until we meet again, I'll be keeping up our shenanigans "on the line" - AND thank heavens for Facetime!!! #Supersunite!!!

To the mullies we go...

Cheers to Jamie's Food Revolution for forever connecting us!!! Jamie is up in Canada this week talking to supermarkets, charities and politicians - anyone who will listen - and I'm excited about the good signs coming out of the meetings. In watching his message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I found that he also sent a message to President Obama too! I tweeted to @JustinTrudeau yesterday directly on how I think he can help lead the North American Food Revolution -  Why not? We have nothing to lose and everything to gain... well... except for our countries' waistlines and our childrens' health -----------> JOIN US.

"Everywhere" is a song I fell in love with after watching the movie "Practical Magic" back in the 90s. I bought the soundtrack and played this song over and over... Today, I believe in lots of practical magic in the kitchen. The song begins with the random quote: "Most women and children can perceive higher frequencies of sound than most men." Terri, you and I connect on another frequency and we have found BIG MAGIC together... the kind I thought only happened in the movies:) MUAH!