Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a halloween treat

halloween hazelnut brown rice cakes

organic brown rice cakes
justin's chocolate hazelnut butter blend (found at target or fresh market so far)
carrots & celery

i'm the party mom today for abbie cadabbie... pretty fun, huh?

i licked the knife clean.

i made the babycakes sugar & cinnamon gluten/diary free donuts again for the party & they turned out even better since i measured the flour oh so carefully!!!


thanks lisa for cutting all the veggies!!!  xoxo

happy halloween!! it's my working grocery list part duex

wish us luck on our first annual candy for moullah trade-in tonight...:)

it's funny how much easier it was to make this list this time around.

trader joe's
udi's whole grain sandwich bread & bagels
organic spelt sandwich bread
parmesan & gruyere cheese
frozen fish
italian meatballs (frozen)
organic frozen strawberries
lollypops (no artificial colors!)
kind bars (i buy an entire box or two)
cliff kid z bars (i buy an entire box or two)
bolognese sauce
organic coconut oil
canned light coconut milk
olive oil
organic ketchup
organic pickles
organic popcorn
organic/free range/grass fed meats and poultry when available
organic beef/vegetable/chicken stock
organic beans (black, garbanzo, great northern)
agave/maple syrup
calcium enriched oj
applegate farms prepackaged deli meat & bacon (i usually buy at target though)
uncured sliced black forest ham
sliced prosciutto
kale chips
dark chocolate

applegate farms deli meat by the pound, prepackaged bacon, salametti log
thousand hills organic grass fed meat
bare brand chicken
wholly guacamole
go go squeeze applesauce pouches
"natural" peanut butter (skippy, jiff or jason's)
tinkyada pasta joy brown rice pasta (elbow and spirals are the best!)
thai brand canned whole coconut milk
kettle potato chips
tortilla chips
earth's best natural buttery spread soy free
simply orange juice calcium enriched
silk brand unsweetened almond milk & dark chocolate almond milk
organic cage free eggs

organic ground beef
packaged dried fruit
organic sugar
maple syrup
marathana all natural almond butter
that pickle guy classic olive muffalata
organic quinoa
skinny popcorn
kettle popcorn
kettle chips
veggie chips
organic diced tomatoes
hemp seed
organic frozen berries mix
jone's all natural frozen sausage links
organic rice milk
fruitables juice boxes

all ways healthy natural food store
large mixed (fruit & veggies) organic produce box
probiotics and vitamins
goji berries
chia seeds
gluten free & vegan baking items
sweet leaf stevia sweetener (i bought the chocolate and berry flavor.  less sugar to sweeten up plain almond milk and sparkling water or a smoothie!  my plan is to ditch the dark chocolate milk boxes eventually and send a thermos of my homemade almond chocolate milk.)

vitacost & amazon
gluten free flours
spelt flour
dark chocolate almond milk lunch boxes

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the fam's favorite dinner yet

well, there is one thing you can expect from the of food in reality time.  
no staged, pretty martha stewart action here.  can you tell i snap and go?

i was looking at that above picture pondering, jeesh, does that even look appetizing??  


i guess you'll just have to trust me and hopefully i'll get better at this:)

tonight's dinner inspo:

sometimes i follow a recipe.
sometimes i google ingredients to get inspiration and then turn it into something else.  
i got lucky tonight with the latter and everybody l.o.v.e.d it.  

tommy likes it.  no feeding, no cajoling...he's like french or something. 

the mullies italian ground beef and quinoa

1 lb grass fed organic ground beef
1 large organic onion chopped
(cook together and drain fat)
1 T worcestershire sauce (i found a bottle with no artificial ingredients at williams sonoma)
1 t dried basil
1 t dried oregano
1 t dried parsley
1 c coconut milk
1 c organic beef stock
1 cube vegan bouillon
1 c leftover cooked quinoa (if you add uncooked quinoa...  cook at least 20 minutes or until tender)
(add above ingredients to meat and onions.  bring to boil and simmer until ready to serve).

sliced organic pears
gluten free garlic bread - i saved the frozen "butts" of the udi's sandwich bread, spread earth's best natural buttery spread & garlic salt over one side and baked them with the broccoli for about 5 minutes.

it's the first 100% happy family eating dinner since we started 52 days ago...
everybody noticed, it was a celebration...i want more of these!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

tommy's bake sale adventure

oh my lord, who doesn't like donuts?  i have not chowed on them for quite a while, but i am known to cheat on my primal-ness from time to time:)  tommy's preschool held a bake sale fundraiser last week and i decided to tackle the babycakes plain cake donut. 

here is my donut adventure.

just look at the difference in color between organic sugar and regular refined sugar.  no bleach or chemicals sure makes a difference...

round 1

i substituted cup 4 cup flour which has milk powder in it for the various flours on my first try.  it worked well, as it is a wonderful mix.   i am not sure if i will be buying it again, it's just really expensive.  

they turned out moist and yummy, not bad for the first round!

i made my frosting and had to throw it out because i (AGAIN DARNIT!!!) forgot to check my lemon juice...sodium bisulfate & benzoate strikes again.

mother in the truckers.
that is definitely poo poo.

needless to say, the first round donuts remained un-iced and they were still gobbled up by the family.

round 2

i followed the recipe to a T this time around and used all of the various gluten free/diary free flours.  
note:  wipe the little donut middle/top from batter!

i am learning that i have never really have been miss precise with my baking measurements.  
normal flour really doesn't mind so much...and oh boy does gluten free stuff.  

i decided to tap the measuring cups to get the flour to settle down and use a knife (like the author suggests!) to also level off the flour.  what a pain, but wow does it work!  this was a much looser mix compared to the first round.  

notice a little concave action!?!?  initially, i did not tap and carefully measure the brown rice flour.  it was the first flour i measured and was much more careful for the rest of the flours.  i can't wait to make these again because now i have my measuring groove on.

i added a little more rice flour to my last batch and they turned out great.  my little 1 inch ice cream scooper is a freakin dream.  i will never make cookies or donuts without them.  

i filled a few donuts too high, got a little crazy with my scooper:)
to get the donuts out without sticking, i just twisted them a bit in the pan before i scooped them out. worked like a charm.  

so i just trimmed the fat a little...

haha, the big guys didn't make it too well...the missing flour was the culprit!  see what i mean?  gluten free baking is kinda bitchy:)  but oh so worth it.

ta dah!!!!!!

and here are the finished little packages:

i covered them with an organic sugar/cinnamon mix, stacked them 3 high and stuck the halloween themed toothpicks down the middle.  the toothpicks and cupcake papers came as a set from target.

they sold out in an hour at the ymca.  

oh happy day!

day 51 - lunchie munchie

I'm getting more creative!

did those little buggers eat the peas?  no...maybe i should add some salt?

i must find some veggies that they will eat for lunch!!

the chocolate almond milk is double d'ness for dessert and drink:)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

how in the world do i start? - help from 100 days of real food

i think i have gotten asked everyone of these questions from this wonderful post.

i just had to pass this along!

i have taken this a step further and combined:

(no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors)

so that's where we have landed folks.

no cheating on the feingold diet, but we do cheat sometimes with the primal stuff:)  i do like to bake!
for example, i will continue to cook gluten free and i am going to start experimenting with spelt flour which is also used in wheat free cooking.  I just found out that even some celiac's can tolerate this type of medeval cereal grain.

this has been a LONG journey, but the best one i have ever taken and i am just finding my stride...whoop whooop!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pour some unrefined organic sugar on me - i just got home from parent teacher conferences

this song just came on as i finished making something (the next post which i'm super sweet on)
...and i'm a little manic right now (can you tell?) so, i decided to just write this post and dance along as i type... sticky sweet to my head to my feet yea!!!  (this one's for you stacey and meg)


so this here crazy woman just went to both parent teacher conferences and i'm singing to the mullies.
mac's teacher has seen improvement in a variety of areas (not expected!) and boy oh boy do we have a great update on abbie.

we do not have to officially meet in a month for a team meeting - hurray!!!
for those teachers & parents out there who are familiar, here's some AIMS Web data.
(if you are wondering about the's the deal:
she is in a dual language program 
- i love our school district!! - 
...that i was considering taking her out of...well, not anymore:)



don't forget, reading levels start at the "a" level (kindergarten) and progress through the alphabet with difficulty.

a lightbulb has indeed turned on.

somebody take me out dancing!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

school lunch inspo

i am about to hit the grocery store and this link has given me a ton of inspiration for the kids' school lunches!

100daysofrealfood school lunch roundup with pictures and descriptions

the below link really re-enforced my tactics in dealing with my picky eaters!!!!

real food and children

isn't this pretty!?  i am not about recreating the wheel... it's so awesome that we can find this stuff!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

primal chicken curry, gwen's fries, kale chips & celebratory homemade icecream

an update from abbie's reading teacher:

Hi Lindsey,
I have some exciting news. . . Abbie is doing such a great job in my reading group and making great gains in reading, that we believe she does not need to be in tier 3 (the most intensive intervention) any longer.  Today she read a level D (end of kindergarten level) book with me.  I discussed her progress with the classroom teacher and the other reading specialists, and we decided that Abbie can move into a tier 2 group with children from her class at her same level on Monday.  I will let Abbie know about this change tomorrow.  I am sad that Abbie won't be in my group anymore, but am so excited that she is making progress!  Thanks to you and Chris for working with her at home and making so many changes that are helping her at school.


we had eaten all of the last batch of ice cream so of course, it was time to make some more!!!!

nutty strawberry chocolate ice cream

1 can trader joe's light coconut milk
3/4 c sucanat
1 T coconut oil (melted)
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 c almond butter
1/4 tsp xanthum gum
6-8 organic strawberries (i pureed them in my magic bullet...probably got about a cup of red)
mix all the above in a blender
4 T enjoy life semi-sweet mini chocolate chips (add when mixture goes into ice cream maker)
mix in your ice cream maker for 25 minutes.  transfer to another container and add it to the freezer.  

hollah my dollar and the tastebuds.  you only need a little of this stuff too by the's rich and creamy and your done in one scoop:)

didn't have tumeric or cauliflower so didn't use it.
also did not use much cayenne pepper, but will definitely use hot sauce on my plate next time!

followed recipe to a T.

added sesame seeds, course salt and a garlic seasoning blend to taste.

"mommy i love dinner tonight!!!!"

it's mac's most excellent adventure...

even tommy likes it!  thought he still eats the least:)  oh well, 3 yrs olds...

i ate all of the kale chips:)  
got abbie and mac to try them though!  they didn't want anymore, but didn't say that they were disgusting or anything - yea baby.

we had such a good night!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what the what is sucanat?

this is a sister requested post:)  hollah katie!!!

i have been substituting sucanat for brown sugar (prefect 1-1 ratio) and i don't think i have explained what the heck sucanat even is for anyone...sorry bout that peeps.

here is the description on the bag:

organic sucanant - dried sugar cane juice 

"organic sucanat is produced by simply crushing the freshly-cut sugar cane to squeeze out the juice, heating until it is reduced to a thick syrup and then hand-paddling to create the porous sucanat granules. sucanat is a dried whole can sugar that has not been separated or blended, basically nothing has been added and nothing taken out!"

sucanat stands for sugar cane natural.

i will never have brown sugar in the house again after using this stuff.  

vitacost ships super fast and has it at a good price:)


oh by the hand that rocks the cradle will i get through halloween!?

it's the million dollar question.

here are a couple of ideas that are marinating:

...each piece will be worth 10 cents.  they will turn in their candy for cold hard cash and go shopping for a new sweet toy.
...or maybe we'll go to the store and pic out something pretty hefty for them for them to get later.  
...or perhaps buy it first, then they can open it after trick or treating?  

hmmmmmm so many options...let me know if you have any other bright ideas of 
how to con them out of eating a motherload crap this year.

Monday, October 15, 2012

day 37 chocolate chip waffles

yup, i have finally found a weekend waffle winner.  

i have tried a few gluten free recipes that completely bombed the world over here.  
i am excited to try these plain!

the previous waffle recipes came out "gross" as my children like to say, hard, non-tasting cardboard things that looked great in the pictures but not so much in real life.  i am so happy that these are the complete opposite.  reason numero uno why the mullies will be keeping up this gluten free nonsense.

oh babycakes, i must now find your first cookbook and buy it immediately.

i only used 3/4 cup tiny chocolate chips (it says 1 cup) and i really only need to use 1/4 to 1/2 cup tops
these are totally great snacks!  no syrup needed!!

mullies update:
this is all still a total pain in my arse.

but, it is getting easier & perhaps more enjoyable to cook and plan meals - as i'm not being met with daggers and shields at meal time. 

the kids are finally becoming more willing to try new things.  or i have become less emotional, panicked and/or angry when they don't eat.  they know the rules:  must try ONE bite, sometimes two or three depending on how much of a "stretch" the meal is for them.  i make sure to have food they do want to eat and i blackmail them as unemotionally as i can so that they feel they have control over the situation and what they get to eat.  

abbie and tommy are not as good as mac is when i put a new plate of food in front of them.  
must be an age thing?

abbie has stopped slinking down in her seat (with major drama) and will now cautiously & politely (95% of the time) assess the situation, and let mac take the first bite to see if he keels over and dies from poison.  

i just found this website and joined the pledge to be processed food free.   

fun stuff.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

what to do with butternut squash?

i had two huge butternut squashes and not a clue what to do with them and have the kids eat them.

...what about cookies!? 

a few google seconds later, i found this little gem:

and i also had to find out how to roast butternut squash.

since people will look at you weird when you offer them squash cookies (believe me, they will retract their hand), tell them they are fall spice cookies and see if they can guess what the secret ingredient is.

kurt was the closest, he said pumpkin!

i roasted them on convection, cut side down at 375 degrees.  didn't add any butter, oil or anything.  
i had a ton of leftovers as a doubled recipe only called for 2 cups of cooked squash.  so i measured out and bagged a cup full of squash per baggie and froze them for my next batch.  i have 6 cups frozen right now, ready for more cookies, soup or whatevs.
i am so smart.

i substituted sucanat for the brown sugar and used coconut oil.  

this is a hefty dough - very happy i have a hefty mixer.

the babycakes cookbook i just purchased talked about a 1 inch ice-cream scooper being a "must have" and i have to say, this this is my new best friend when it comes to scooping cookies.  
how ever did i live without that little guy?!

silpats rock my world - have loved them forever.  
i think i need one more so i can do three trays at once.

my kids absolutely love these cookies.  

and nobody can believe there is squash in them.  

and why does everything i make have to look like poop?  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

sweet potato chippies

i went a little overboard last time i made sweet potatoes.  i got it right with the amount this time:)

i used 3 mediumish potatoes and filled 3 trays.
tossed em in a bowl with evoo.
sprinkled coarse salt and fresh ground pepper on top (just one side was enough).
flipped them after 10 minutes (don't try to do in the oven...take em out and flip them).
cooked them for another 9 minutes.
375 degrees on my multi level convection setting

i made them before we went out on the town.  our wonderful babysitter served them up....of course i forgot the all cooked up and done picture...i'll add it someday when i make them again.  sorry charlies.

NO LEFTOVERS, nada, zilch.


finally have a recipe that will get rid of these suckers.

a reading update

i spoke with abbie's teacher today:)

not only did she have a great week, but she was retested in reading....and wait for it....

prior to our food revolution, her english reading was at level A & she would not even attempt spanish (reading levels go through the alphabet as difficulty increases).  she is now testing at level C for english and A+ for spanish!!  she is also much more engaged and is really trying hard to do well.  total huge, mega change and we couldn't be more excited.

it's truly a miracle how she has changed in less than a month's time.

looks like i'll be cooking to the mullies until further notice.

Friday, October 12, 2012

chicken snawsage soup

the primal diet sausage soup

crazy good.  especially if you have a lot of veggies to get rid of...and i did.

found the chicken sausage at cosco.
didn't expect the kids to eat much.  they loved the sausage and the steps:)
major hit with the old folks in the house.  
even with my no veggie hubbie.

day 34 and the feingold diet

well i guess this crazy food revolution we are on has a name!

the feingold diet

you know when you get a new car and feel so great about it and then you start driving and everyone has that same car all of a sudden?  it's everywhere and why didn't i notice before??!!!  or you have babies on the brain and all of sudden all you see are pregnant women everywhere!!???

well, now that my eyes have been opened, everywhere i look i am finding out more and more and more...sometimes i just have to laugh!  remember the first batman movie and people start dying because of the combo of products but together are toxic?

now that we are into our 2nd month, i am happy to say i am beginning to adjust and that i am super crazy lucky my hubbie signed on.  cuz if he didn't, i would be up poo creek in cheetos still.

definitely would have given up, no doubt.

speaking of cheetos, smokin hot article about them in the chicago trib today.

see what i mean dog?  

here is the article my dad sent me and this is how i found the feingold institute.

can the right diet help out with ADHD management?

thanks daddio.