Thursday, January 16, 2020

Chef Ann Foundation - Parent Advocacy in School Food

I almost forgot how to get back on my blog...
It's been awhile my dear mullies, and it's sure GOOD to be typing and sharing here again today!

My latest blog is up today on the Chef Ann Foundation website! It's all about real school food parent advocacy + the powerful impact of our District 76 Wellness Team.

One Parent's Journey Towards Better School Food

I must catch ya'll up to the recipes and pics from November + December's D76 Chef's Tasting Table in the lunchroom! The above pics are from our most recent Holiday tasting and below is the tasting we held right before Thanksgiving. Keep scrolling for the yummy recipes which I have included at the end!

Apple Carrot Slaw with Starfruit and Scallions

3 c (2lbs shredding carrots) from Prairie Wind Family Farms
3 sliced honey crisp apples
1/4 c honey mustard
1/4 c extra virgin olive oil
2 T apple cider vinegar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Using a food processor, shred carrots with the medium grater. Switch out the blade and slice the apples thinly. In a medium bowl, whisk honey mustard, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. In a large bowl, mix shredded carrots, sliced apples, and dressing until well mix. Garnish with sliced scallions and thinly sliced starfruit.

(*Recipe was x6 for 350 student & staff tastings)

Chocolate Black Bean Hummus + Fresh Fruit Dippers

1 can black beans, drained and liquid reserved. (Eden Organic brand is my favorite as the beans are already pressure cooked, which helps digestion).
4 Tbsp pure maple syrup
4 Tbsp raw cacao
1/2 tsp salt

In a food processor or high speed blender, mix all ingredients until smooth (stop and scrape the sides a few times). Add reserved liquid to thin to desired consistency. Favorite dippers = Strawberries, apples, kiwis, bananas, and oranges.
Optional: Add a few heaping Tbsp's of dark chocolate almond butter - YUM! Also, cannellini beans are my second favorite bean to use.

(*Recipe was x18 for 350 student & staff tastings)