Sunday, October 14, 2012

what to do with butternut squash?

i had two huge butternut squashes and not a clue what to do with them and have the kids eat them.

...what about cookies!? 

a few google seconds later, i found this little gem:

and i also had to find out how to roast butternut squash.

since people will look at you weird when you offer them squash cookies (believe me, they will retract their hand), tell them they are fall spice cookies and see if they can guess what the secret ingredient is.

kurt was the closest, he said pumpkin!

i roasted them on convection, cut side down at 375 degrees.  didn't add any butter, oil or anything.  
i had a ton of leftovers as a doubled recipe only called for 2 cups of cooked squash.  so i measured out and bagged a cup full of squash per baggie and froze them for my next batch.  i have 6 cups frozen right now, ready for more cookies, soup or whatevs.
i am so smart.

i substituted sucanat for the brown sugar and used coconut oil.  

this is a hefty dough - very happy i have a hefty mixer.

the babycakes cookbook i just purchased talked about a 1 inch ice-cream scooper being a "must have" and i have to say, this this is my new best friend when it comes to scooping cookies.  
how ever did i live without that little guy?!

silpats rock my world - have loved them forever.  
i think i need one more so i can do three trays at once.

my kids absolutely love these cookies.  

and nobody can believe there is squash in them.  

and why does everything i make have to look like poop?  

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