Thursday, October 25, 2012

how in the world do i start? - help from 100 days of real food

i think i have gotten asked everyone of these questions from this wonderful post.

i just had to pass this along!

i have taken this a step further and combined:

(no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors)

so that's where we have landed folks.

no cheating on the feingold diet, but we do cheat sometimes with the primal stuff:)  i do like to bake!
for example, i will continue to cook gluten free and i am going to start experimenting with spelt flour which is also used in wheat free cooking.  I just found out that even some celiac's can tolerate this type of medeval cereal grain.

this has been a LONG journey, but the best one i have ever taken and i am just finding my stride...whoop whooop!

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