Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what the what is sucanat?

this is a sister requested post:)  hollah katie!!!

i have been substituting sucanat for brown sugar (prefect 1-1 ratio) and i don't think i have explained what the heck sucanat even is for anyone...sorry bout that peeps.

here is the description on the bag:

organic sucanant - dried sugar cane juice 

"organic sucanat is produced by simply crushing the freshly-cut sugar cane to squeeze out the juice, heating until it is reduced to a thick syrup and then hand-paddling to create the porous sucanat granules. sucanat is a dried whole can sugar that has not been separated or blended, basically nothing has been added and nothing taken out!"

sucanat stands for sugar cane natural.

i will never have brown sugar in the house again after using this stuff.  

vitacost ships super fast and has it at a good price:)


  1. Thanks for teaching about sucanat, very interesting!

    As for Halloween, I will let Shannon pick out a few things that she can actually eat, and the rest will go in the bag and will be left at the front door. The Halloween Fairy will come and take her bag and leave her a toy. In reality, the Halloween Fairy will be delivering that Bag-o-Goodies right to my desk drawer at work so I can feast on it until Christmas!

    1. i love this! stacey had a great idea too. make a poster board with the wrappers and their corresponding $ value. i got the vision of a "chucky cheese" style store where they turn in their candy/tickets for prizes and we can chart out the $$ amount and go shopping or perhaps they'll be items already bought to "purchase"...i have to say, i'm getting pretty excited about this myself:) i love your bag-o-goodies drawer!!!! hahahahaha


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