Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!! it's my working grocery list part duex

wish us luck on our first annual candy for moullah trade-in tonight...:)

it's funny how much easier it was to make this list this time around.

trader joe's
udi's whole grain sandwich bread & bagels
organic spelt sandwich bread
parmesan & gruyere cheese
frozen fish
italian meatballs (frozen)
organic frozen strawberries
lollypops (no artificial colors!)
kind bars (i buy an entire box or two)
cliff kid z bars (i buy an entire box or two)
bolognese sauce
organic coconut oil
canned light coconut milk
olive oil
organic ketchup
organic pickles
organic popcorn
organic/free range/grass fed meats and poultry when available
organic beef/vegetable/chicken stock
organic beans (black, garbanzo, great northern)
agave/maple syrup
calcium enriched oj
applegate farms prepackaged deli meat & bacon (i usually buy at target though)
uncured sliced black forest ham
sliced prosciutto
kale chips
dark chocolate

applegate farms deli meat by the pound, prepackaged bacon, salametti log
thousand hills organic grass fed meat
bare brand chicken
wholly guacamole
go go squeeze applesauce pouches
"natural" peanut butter (skippy, jiff or jason's)
tinkyada pasta joy brown rice pasta (elbow and spirals are the best!)
thai brand canned whole coconut milk
kettle potato chips
tortilla chips
earth's best natural buttery spread soy free
simply orange juice calcium enriched
silk brand unsweetened almond milk & dark chocolate almond milk
organic cage free eggs

organic ground beef
packaged dried fruit
organic sugar
maple syrup
marathana all natural almond butter
that pickle guy classic olive muffalata
organic quinoa
skinny popcorn
kettle popcorn
kettle chips
veggie chips
organic diced tomatoes
hemp seed
organic frozen berries mix
jone's all natural frozen sausage links
organic rice milk
fruitables juice boxes

all ways healthy natural food store
large mixed (fruit & veggies) organic produce box
probiotics and vitamins
goji berries
chia seeds
gluten free & vegan baking items
sweet leaf stevia sweetener (i bought the chocolate and berry flavor.  less sugar to sweeten up plain almond milk and sparkling water or a smoothie!  my plan is to ditch the dark chocolate milk boxes eventually and send a thermos of my homemade almond chocolate milk.)

vitacost & amazon
gluten free flours
spelt flour
dark chocolate almond milk lunch boxes

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