Friday, October 12, 2012

day 34 and the feingold diet

well i guess this crazy food revolution we are on has a name!

the feingold diet

you know when you get a new car and feel so great about it and then you start driving and everyone has that same car all of a sudden?  it's everywhere and why didn't i notice before??!!!  or you have babies on the brain and all of sudden all you see are pregnant women everywhere!!???

well, now that my eyes have been opened, everywhere i look i am finding out more and more and more...sometimes i just have to laugh!  remember the first batman movie and people start dying because of the combo of products but together are toxic?

now that we are into our 2nd month, i am happy to say i am beginning to adjust and that i am super crazy lucky my hubbie signed on.  cuz if he didn't, i would be up poo creek in cheetos still.

definitely would have given up, no doubt.

speaking of cheetos, smokin hot article about them in the chicago trib today.

see what i mean dog?  

here is the article my dad sent me and this is how i found the feingold institute.

can the right diet help out with ADHD management?

thanks daddio.

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