Saturday, October 13, 2012

sweet potato chippies

i went a little overboard last time i made sweet potatoes.  i got it right with the amount this time:)

i used 3 mediumish potatoes and filled 3 trays.
tossed em in a bowl with evoo.
sprinkled coarse salt and fresh ground pepper on top (just one side was enough).
flipped them after 10 minutes (don't try to do in the oven...take em out and flip them).
cooked them for another 9 minutes.
375 degrees on my multi level convection setting

i made them before we went out on the town.  our wonderful babysitter served them up....of course i forgot the all cooked up and done picture...i'll add it someday when i make them again.  sorry charlies.

NO LEFTOVERS, nada, zilch.


finally have a recipe that will get rid of these suckers.


  1. love that you specified do not try to flip them in the oven, take them out and flip them. because OF COURSE that's the first thing i and everyone else would *try* to do. haha!

    1. i almost fried my face when i opened up the oven too! totally tedious to flip one by one, but oh so worth it!


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