Monday, October 29, 2012

tommy's bake sale adventure

oh my lord, who doesn't like donuts?  i have not chowed on them for quite a while, but i am known to cheat on my primal-ness from time to time:)  tommy's preschool held a bake sale fundraiser last week and i decided to tackle the babycakes plain cake donut. 

here is my donut adventure.

just look at the difference in color between organic sugar and regular refined sugar.  no bleach or chemicals sure makes a difference...

round 1

i substituted cup 4 cup flour which has milk powder in it for the various flours on my first try.  it worked well, as it is a wonderful mix.   i am not sure if i will be buying it again, it's just really expensive.  

they turned out moist and yummy, not bad for the first round!

i made my frosting and had to throw it out because i (AGAIN DARNIT!!!) forgot to check my lemon juice...sodium bisulfate & benzoate strikes again.

mother in the truckers.
that is definitely poo poo.

needless to say, the first round donuts remained un-iced and they were still gobbled up by the family.

round 2

i followed the recipe to a T this time around and used all of the various gluten free/diary free flours.  
note:  wipe the little donut middle/top from batter!

i am learning that i have never really have been miss precise with my baking measurements.  
normal flour really doesn't mind so much...and oh boy does gluten free stuff.  

i decided to tap the measuring cups to get the flour to settle down and use a knife (like the author suggests!) to also level off the flour.  what a pain, but wow does it work!  this was a much looser mix compared to the first round.  

notice a little concave action!?!?  initially, i did not tap and carefully measure the brown rice flour.  it was the first flour i measured and was much more careful for the rest of the flours.  i can't wait to make these again because now i have my measuring groove on.

i added a little more rice flour to my last batch and they turned out great.  my little 1 inch ice cream scooper is a freakin dream.  i will never make cookies or donuts without them.  

i filled a few donuts too high, got a little crazy with my scooper:)
to get the donuts out without sticking, i just twisted them a bit in the pan before i scooped them out. worked like a charm.  

so i just trimmed the fat a little...

haha, the big guys didn't make it too well...the missing flour was the culprit!  see what i mean?  gluten free baking is kinda bitchy:)  but oh so worth it.

ta dah!!!!!!

and here are the finished little packages:

i covered them with an organic sugar/cinnamon mix, stacked them 3 high and stuck the halloween themed toothpicks down the middle.  the toothpicks and cupcake papers came as a set from target.

they sold out in an hour at the ymca.  

oh happy day!

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  1. I love the taped sign on the lemon juice. You completely crack me up!


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