Monday, October 15, 2012

day 37 chocolate chip waffles

yup, i have finally found a weekend waffle winner.  

i have tried a few gluten free recipes that completely bombed the world over here.  
i am excited to try these plain!

the previous waffle recipes came out "gross" as my children like to say, hard, non-tasting cardboard things that looked great in the pictures but not so much in real life.  i am so happy that these are the complete opposite.  reason numero uno why the mullies will be keeping up this gluten free nonsense.

oh babycakes, i must now find your first cookbook and buy it immediately.

i only used 3/4 cup tiny chocolate chips (it says 1 cup) and i really only need to use 1/4 to 1/2 cup tops
these are totally great snacks!  no syrup needed!!

mullies update:
this is all still a total pain in my arse.

but, it is getting easier & perhaps more enjoyable to cook and plan meals - as i'm not being met with daggers and shields at meal time. 

the kids are finally becoming more willing to try new things.  or i have become less emotional, panicked and/or angry when they don't eat.  they know the rules:  must try ONE bite, sometimes two or three depending on how much of a "stretch" the meal is for them.  i make sure to have food they do want to eat and i blackmail them as unemotionally as i can so that they feel they have control over the situation and what they get to eat.  

abbie and tommy are not as good as mac is when i put a new plate of food in front of them.  
must be an age thing?

abbie has stopped slinking down in her seat (with major drama) and will now cautiously & politely (95% of the time) assess the situation, and let mac take the first bite to see if he keels over and dies from poison.  

i just found this website and joined the pledge to be processed food free.   

fun stuff.

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