Thursday, May 29, 2014

the mullies kitchen diaries: me + tommy + sweet potato gnocci

this was just too much fun.

i've made sweet potato gnocchi before, almost a perfect year ago (why i haven't made for awhile i have no idea)... here is an old post from last june when i made it without the food processor.  the food processor sure makes a gorgeous smooth and creamy consistency!  my girlfriend briana has a wickedly tasty version that is stuffed with manchego cheese (swoon).

there are so many great gnocci recipes out there and this one here was made with gumption... NO RECIPE OUT!  just my memory.  no guts no glory.  i did not carefully measure anything... so guess what?  you don't have to either:)

the mullies sweet potato gnocchi

2 lbs organic sweet potatoes (pierce with a fork and roast whole on a cookie sheet for 45 min at 375)
2 eggs
4 cloves garlic minced
3/4 tsp nutmeg (eyeballed)
1 tsp sea salt (eyeballed)
pinch of white pepper

-wiz above ingredients in a food processor until super smooth and creamy (orangy and luscious).  dump in a large bowl and mix in 4 cups gf flour.  since it was still too wet, i added around another cup until i got a slightly tacky dough to the touch (5 cups total?). (since there are a lot of flour options out there you just have to go with the feel and touch of the dough.)  cover your surface with a dusting of flour, roll out some logs and have a party with your smooshy balls.  boil up some salted water.  plop them in and when they float to the top, they are done!  use a slotted spoon to get them out of the boiling water.  it took about three batches.

we made these in the morning, so i placed my cookie sheets in the fridge until dinner time.

fresh sage and ghee sauce
recipe inspo found here
4 T ghee (or grass fed butter)
juice from a half lemon
8 sage leaves from our kitchen garden

melt the oil in a pan for a few minutes (i heated it up for too long and had a volcano of hot lava spitting at me... don't do that).  remove from heat and add the leaves and lemon juice. pour over the smooshy balls and mix it all up nice and pretty.

season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.  topped it off with some lovely raw, 12 month old manchego (sheep's) cheese.

the mullies kitchen diaries = cooking with my family and friends.  the plethora of cookbooks, the massive culinary talent and inspiration out there is mine to experiment with and learn from... i'll never run out of material with jamie and his foodtube & drinkstube out there:)  the global food revolution is my home and my niche is testing out sweet recipes, sharing the moments, the loveliness of cooking with your kids... the hilarity, the music, the which capture the reality of us, of the current generation of parents getting back into our kitchens and the massive task teaching our kids to do the same.  i am a food patriot and i hope to help bring back the energy, the spark and the enjoyment (+ frustrations) of "from scratch cooking" mixed in with the grocery shopping, the adventures in gardening and the escapades of eating out.  

and with that said...

here's how dinner turned out!

my parents brought over freshly grilled fish and white wine.  i made my grandma millie's cucumber salad and roasted broccoli (a fam favorite).  above is a picture capturing tommy scooping up his 3rd helping.  did he eat more because he made it with me or because the gnocchi was just.that.good?  i think it was a little of both;)  it's so fun to eat smooshy balls!


after dinner, the boys made these for me.  it's made the food matrix we've escaped from so very worth it... so.very.lovely.indeed.


next up, my visit to a student showcase with the food patriots.  i have never been more inspired by food education and what could be in store for our lake county schools!!


  1. gnocchi! and it seems like it would be difficult, but if mr tommy can do it..... (;

    1. not at all my dear... mr tommy has it down:) xoxo


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