Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a food patriots student showcase

i joined jennifer and jeff spitz at chicago's amudsen high school to experience a food patriots student showcase event.  weeks ago, the high school screened food patriots.  biology students then chose from a multitude of options to fulfill a "food health service project" (if you are a teacher, insert your class here:  sciences, consumer economics, english, reading, math, technology... it's a core curriculum's dream).  i had the pleasure of walking around, listening and speaking to the 200+ biology students who presented their short film documentaries, photo displays, poems, rap songs, skits, powerpoint presentations, research and countless science projects eclipsing around what they took away from the food patriots film screening.  

i pinched myself a few times.  "this is actually possible"... "this is actually happening" ...

i was blown away.  i even had tears in my eyes a couple of times as these kids weren't just teaching each other, (students poured in each class period to talk to the biology students and "vote" on the most impactful projects in a variety of categories) they taught me.  being in the gym, experiencing this from both a food ambassador and a coach's perspective, it's hard not to see the food education parallel with athletic training.  you proudly (sometimes painfully) master one aspect and you're off to another... and another and another until it's "way more than just a 10% change".  the connectivity in and outside of the school was electric.  each student had something personal to share on how their 10% change was growing bigger every week.  talk about a fun way to food ed swap and get kids teaching kids!

i am a dreamer.  i like to be around dreamers like jennifer and jeff.  i have so much hope for the lake county food revolution and this infectious food patriot thang.  time and time again, this film is proving to cross political, socioeconomic, ethnic and racial boundaries.  people of all ages and sorts are leaving the food matrix inspired to gather and sit at the same table.  food patriots are up for the challenge of improving america's food.

with our 3rd successful food revolution day in the books, i'm looking forward to the next:  making more cooking videos with my kids, working alongside the food revolution & food patriots to bring food education into every lake county school, community and workplace we can!

it's gonna be a great summer:)


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  1. wow! so inspiring (; and all of those garden beds, amazing!


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