Thursday, May 15, 2014

rock & roll to the beet for #FRD2014 - good luck jamie and our global team!!!

so i thought i wasn't going to post anything until after FRD... but then i made a latte this morning and decided to get funky with my phone again.  trrrrrrrrrrouble.

let's get cooking with jamie and the 9000+ schools that will be joining him to break a world record!  it'll be live tomorrow at 8am CST here.  clearly, i'm not excited at all... :)  make sure you sign up for food revolution day and shout out your participation by using #FRD2014!

a major shout out to lake county's stevenson high school as they will be joining in the rainbow warp cooking festivas led by ambassador christina erickson and gourmet foods teacher sara lohrmann.  rock it out for lake county girls!!

see the rest of you at the all ways healthy #FRD2014 festival tomorrow and saturday!! 



  1. big time cray cray lady!!! BUT i love it!!!!! and what's not to get crazy excited about, 9000+ schools and you've changed your very own, celebrate!!! GO #FDR!!!!!


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