Wednesday, June 5, 2013

gluten free sweet potato gnocchi - take 1

this is my first try at making homemade gluten free gnocchi.  the best part is that they are about to get a super fab makeover when my girlfriend and fellow food ambassador briana gets ahold of my flour and puts her recipe to the test.  she's kinda of a big deal.  i don't even know if i can contain myself.  i can't wait for take 2!!!!  this gnocchi is just going to get better with some simmering sass.  

last time we cooked together, i laughed so hard i snorted... twice.  it's a hoot i tell ya.  

i brought them over to laura's house for a saturday night cooking fest.  once you pop the little balls into boiling water, it only takes a few minutes to cook.  how do you know when they are done?  well, they simply float to the top!!!  not one gnocchi was left and i doubt even a double batch would have made it to leftover status.  even tommy wanted more:)

and then of course was the homemade strawberry shortcake with coconut whipped cream (darn it's blurry).  oh the lovely summer days are here!!

my recipe inspo:
sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter and sage & here's another more complicated
strawberry shortcake & coconut whipped cream

mullies notes:
gnocchi: i used the first link and equally subbed the gf-flour blend (i sub arrowroot for corn starch) and sheep's milk yogurt for the greek stuff.  i did not have fresh sage leaves, so i cheated and used dried sage.  lame.  the sauce was too watery for my liking and that needs to be tweaked.  the rest i followed to a T.

(the second recipe link is the first one i found.  all i did was add "yogurt" to my search and found the first super simple link from saucy little dish... i love easy recipies!!!)



  1. i LOVE gnocchi and cannot wait to try this!!! thanks for sharing all of your good recipe finds pretzel!

  2. you are so welcome!! bunny, you will love this one:)


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