Tuesday, June 4, 2013

green thumbs - it's first time planting time

oh jeez, what have i gotten myself into...  may the green thumbs be with us!

mom and i will be starting small this year, just tomatoes for now.  our plan is to eat, can or freeze as much as we can.  i wonder how much we'll get...  i wonder how long it will last...  i wonder if we'll get any tomatoes... fingers and toes crossed.  i tried to grow a tomato plant last summer, the darn thing never produced one fruit.  we better get some freakin fruit.

we mixed up mushroom compost, torpedo sand and good ol top soil for our raised bed.

dad likes to supervise.

mac almost hopped up and helped... almost...

got this cork & wooden skewers label idea from a girlfriend who of course nabbed it off of pinterest.  i have more saved corks than i know what to do with!

we bought four plants and i received three baby tomato plants from my girlfriend catherine who grew them from seed.   here we go!!

grow babies grow!


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  1. woohooooo!!! so exciting! you're going to have tomatoes out the ying yang! (;


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