Friday, June 7, 2013

what's up with our wheat willis?!

whatchu talking about willis!?

that phrase always has me cracking up... it's a goodie from childhood:)

wanted to catch you all up with the food babe's latest update on the soap opera saga with kraft food going on.  yet another major allergy food is getting closer to the GMO grouping.  (check out this great blog post from Lauren Minchen Nutrition that discusses the foods that i'm talking about to bring you up to speed.  i don't think it's a coincidence that milk (cow's are fed GMO corn), soy, peanuts and now wheat are the country's highest allergy causing foods.)

you go food babe... i would like some answers too:)

food babe: new york times investigating gmo wheat labeling found in UK kraft mac & cheese


  1. wow! what an article... great post! willis (;

  2. thanks bunny!!! knew you'd like it:)


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