Monday, February 25, 2013

bread babe's new pans

aren't they pretty!?!  i love that they are made of natural stone.  and as i use them, the stone's patina will evolve to look even more lovely.  i want stains!!!  i want usage...i want history...i want to hand these puppies down to my kids... thank heavens i won't have to deal with pealing, non-stick surfaces anymore - that was just disgusting.

i've been trying to wrap my head around this question:  why gluten?  why of all the things we removed from abbie's diet, was gluten the clincher?  i've linked to many articles (just search "gluten and adhd" on the right side bar and you'll get a bunch) that discuss the gluten link between ADHD & sensory processing disorders and i just came across this expansive post over the weekend:

well that certainly got my foodie-nerd juices flowing.  here are some more that i found and read after my brain exploded:

is wheat genetically modified?

wikipedia on genetically modified wheat

no wonder my belly feels better after i took it out.  here's my real deal:  we cheat a little from time to time...even abbie had a slice of gluten pizza recently (oops), and a few meatballs with gluten on another night with no lasting effects.  i have some too on rare occasion - that is good news (i mean hello, a girl's gots to have her guinness).  but certainly, this revelation will not have me going:  whoo hoo, we can have gluten 100% again!  naahh & eehh.  just not a fan anymore.  we feel better without it as our whole grains staple.  i found something better.  as abbie gets older and more independent, i'm sure she'll experiment with eating differently.  my goal:  to give my kids (and hubby) the awareness and education to become clean & confident foodies who know how to cook and who won't go crazy when they leave my nest.  (and chris, don't you go calling it a nagging nest now mister...)  you love it.  hahahaha.

food perfection is unattainable (if imposed by another) and breeds rebellion=note to mommy dearests.  so instead, we just focus on eating as much real food as we can, and that is that.

i have found something better.

i'm still amazed i can make a gluten free loaf of bread all by myself.  i never ever thought i'd have the gumption to do this.  i'm going to make some more today and see how long it will last me for school lunch sandwiches and breakfast toast.  depending how thick i slice it, two loaves should get me through a full week foh shoh...i'll let you know how it goes. 

so sorry charlies, but i won't be divulging this perfect flour mix creation, it's just not mine to give out on this blog.  however, you can find it in their book here if you want to join in on the fuss.   i originally found them through a glowing, online gluten free cookbook review and the rest is history...

some more seats are filling in:

my hot mama girlfriend/neighbor laura has decided to give gluten free a whirl to see if it will help her family too (oh boy oh boy) - she has already taken out artificial color, preservative and here we go!!!

...she came over last friday with all of her new flours and we put her first quadruple batch together! 

no need to make the same mistakes that i did, so i explained all the tricks.  the most important tip? 

#1  how to measure flour correctly:  i spoon it in, do not tap or pack and use the back edge of my knife to level it off.  easy peasy.

#2  use a paper towel under the cups as i measure.  i shake and bake the access back into the bag or measuring cup (cuz this flour is like gold).  do i get some cross contamination?...probably...but who cares cuz i'm just gonna make another batch!!  it also helps with the mess:  the first few times i mixed up a batch, it was like a flour bomb went off.  kapoowwww!  cough cough.

wrong side laura!  flip the knife!!!!!  hahahahahaha...


she and her hot hubby oliver made crepes this weekend with the new flour.  and of course, with spectacular results:)  hubba hubba.

you and me, let's fly laura!!!


  1. love the new pans.. did you have to grease them at all? might need to give some a whirl...

    1. I read the directions 3x's (because as you know, my eyes miss things) and it didn't say I needed to...but I did take some coconut oil in a paper napkin and grease the sides...old habits die hard:)

  2. So fun to see your blog!!! Makes me feel like I am back home again! What type of flour are you using? Hi to Laura too!!

    1. TINA!!! That makes me so happy to bring home to you - The hood misses you too:) The flour is a mix from a cookbook called The Artisanal Gluten Free Cooking Cookbook by Peter and Kelli Bronski. It's my holy's a fantastic combo of brown rice flour, sorghum, arrowroot (i sub that in place of cornstarch), potato starch, potato flour and xanthan gum. I've tried over a dozen of all purpose gluten free flours and this is the ONE. I will tell Laura you say hi! xoxo


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