Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a food revolution hangout LIVE!

image via jamie oliver's food revolution blog

i can't believe it's almost here!

come hangout with us at the food revolution google hangout tomorrow (or today depending on when and where you are reading this post!), wednesday feb 27th at 10am central chicago time!!  the green link above will take you to the hangout website where it will broadcast live and become available later for you to watch over and over and over....hahaha...oh boy.

here's to keeping our new year's resolutions going strong all year long!

check out a quickie video to get you acclimated with the legendary dr. walter willet and why he believes in a food revolution:  do you have any healthy living questions for him?  don't be shy...go here and ask away!

and here is last year's food revolution day hangout!  enjoy and catch ya'll tomorrow...er today!! 


  1. can i just say... i CANNOT wait!! so exciting, big stuff my dear, BIG STUFF!!!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! So, will we see your be-yoo-tee-ful face on the live chat?? That would be fun!

  3. CAN'T WAIT, baby cakes! You will be amazing!


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