Friday, February 22, 2013

dancing on the ceiling

say what?  let's get started and don't forget to clap your hands.  

there are three reasons lionel is oh so perfect for today:

#1.  it's friday.

#2.  i've been invited to participate in a new year's resolution hangout with the food revolution next wednesday, the 27th at 10am central time and i'm just dancing on the ceiling about it.  

WHAT!?  we hope you can come and join us.  don't hold some questions for dr. walter willet and get down with us at a food revolution google hangout.  it will be taped and aired as a youtube video later, so don't get your skivvies in a bunch if you can't make it to the party on time.  so turn on the lights, this crowd is going to have a ball with a live discussion about real food and our new year's resolutions!

#3. hello & welcome to my childhood with my sister...making up dances in our living room and changing clothes about a bazillion times to get our music video just right.  my dad playing the piano.  this song was one of our first cd's (seriously... cd's had just come out) and it was on loop with madonna's material girl (our only other cd).

so, have you ever...

...gotten dressed in the morning only to realize your perfect outfit has been copied by another person in your house?  that person was always my sister - we didn't have spy cameras in each other's rooms, we were just tuned-in to the same psychic channel.  talk about losing control on your sis.  go change your clothes, NOW!  i mean, i never copied her:)

and who would have thought we'd do it again...over dinner.  the best part is what we both made on the same night:

kale and beans
(why do i keep hearing the brother from the movie there's something about mary here?)

we started screaming into the phone..."OMG, you're making it TOOOOO!!?!?!  WHAAAATTTTT!!?!???     blahblhahahlhlhalhlahhbbbhahllhaaaaa!!!!!!"  dancing on the ceiling.

so pictures had to be taken and a special post made for this momentous occasion:
the psychic link has been restored.  the only difference?  we're 1000 miles apart and we don't have to go round and round and make the other person change outfits.  what a feelin!!

-i used apple cider vinegar & very little red pepper.

here is katie & dan's (the hot heppsters) recipe inspo: chicken with spicy white kale and beans
-skip to the kale and beans part - we didn't do the chicken.
-as for the kale - use a "zipper" method to get the leaves off the stems - pinch your two fingers down the length of the stem - ziiiiiip!
-use more chicken broth than called for it there is not enough sauce.
-we used sriracha sauce for the spicy bit.
-lindsey, next time i'll change the following due to your recipe: add garlic, use red pepper flakes and add some of that vinegar.  Mmmmmmm.

well katie, next time i'm going to use the "zipper" method and put down my knife...that seems so easy peasy!!!!!!!  what a feeling to be climbing the walls with you again;)

this hot papa deserves some major props here.  dan has been cooking like this forevah.  and i can just hear him saying in this picture, "it's about time you joined the party lindsey".   yup, i'm dancing all over the place nowadays:)

so my hot heppsters, how in the world did you get her to eat like this!?!?  my kids are getting better everyday... so come on, give us your magic please (and we'll try not to be tooooo jealous) so we can get our music right, it's really all we want to do.


We just love our little eater.  Don't be fooled though, she does get picky sometimes.  She'll push her plate away after two bites some days and say, "done!"  She will ask for more, more, more servings of the bread or pasta...and only the bread or pasta.  What we do at those times is a lengthier post, but basically, we don't make a big deal about the first situation (because she won't starve) and as for the second, more bread/pasta only if she eats a lot more of the other items on her plate or just a simple, "No, sorry that's all you get!"  (Cue the whining).

Always fruit for dessert.  This poor girl barely knows what a cookie is.  Though the very few times she's had one it has been hard to teach the rule of moderation.  Sugar!  Argh!  So delicious!


word sisther.

and speaking of cookies...hee hee...turn upside down!!!!!

teaching how to crack an egg!!!


that was all me - everybody clap your hands - my hands got loose:)

and get ready to really get down:
for one super hot data post on abbie next week...i mean, this one will be the epitome of dancing on the ceiling.  it's the ONE we've all been waiting for:  a pre to post school data analysis of abbie's food change.  so get your pocket protectors ready.  what a feelin that will be.

happy weekend lovebugs,



  1. i love this video, which i had never evah seen! i was so deprived as a child, i didn't see any videos! (; (; franks and beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome about the New Year's resolution hangout stuff!! so cool. I will think up some amazing questions this weekend ;)


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