Sunday, September 24, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 38

Pretty much in love with Eddie and his new cookbook: Toss Your Own Salad.

His gorgeous + easy Summer Mac n Cheese: Herbed Orzo with Feta and Figs is my recipe pic for week 38.

Cheers to a late Summer plate.

Eat it hot or cold.

Having fun with food will never get old.


Week 38's Game Plan:
I loved having a "time out" and some freedom from meal planning last week. I actually cooked one more day than the last week. Not sure what I'm onto, but let's keep this going!

  • Cooking with Eddie - Toss Your Own Salad (who knows what recipes I'll pick out!)

Wrap it UP with last week's action:

Taco Tuesday lovin.

Fish, pasta and lots of greens.

How about this crazy awesome Food education lesson around pizza from Pilot Light Chefs!? What an amazing way to teach Common Core Curriculum through FOOD! I really enjoyed gathering downtown with other Advisory Board members on Thursday and had to share how we played with our pizzas. We made ours out of ricotta, parm, figs, basil, and prosciutto! We named it the Gy-eeza (A Gyro + pizza. Ha!) I've GOT to bring this home to my eaters!

I'll be headed to the Fulton Market Harvest Festival next weekend (I cannot wait to have BRUNCH with Aaron Sanchez!!! Come join me at this event next Saturday morning and find other amazing foodie events here).

Have you heard about the annual Pilot Light Chef's Feed Your Mind Gala on Nov 3rd? I'll be there too! Come join me at the table and let's raise the roof together for Chicagoland food education!

Had a wonderful time with Willow Wood Preschool Play, Learn, Grow Event today with ambassador teammates Christina, Sara, and our kids! We taught around 75 kids and parents how to make their own honey mustard jam jar dressing. It's always amazing to see how the children of all ages will eat their vege with this awesome dip.

Homemade Honey Mustard

1 Tbsp dijon mustard
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp plain greek yogurt
1 pinch salt

Shake up in a small jam jar and enjoy with fresh cut vege. This is also a great recipe for a simple chicken and fish marinade! Add fresh garlic and herbs to make it your own!

That lovely stinker...

Chris found this special Lake County High School Sports Hall of Fame signed basketball covered in dust in my closet the other day. He surprised me and brought home this special glass case for it. I can't believe I'm old enough to be in a Hall of Fame. Sheesh.

Don't blink and keep dribbling (just not with this ball).

It all starts at home plate.

To the Mullies we go...


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