Sunday, May 28, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 21

Here is the difference between a hand chopped and a food processed chimichurri (last week's post)! This untraditional recipe was a huge hit on last night's salmon, steaks and vege. I tweaked the recipe with lemons (instead of limes), fresh spring onions and dried red pepper flakes (instead of jalapeƱos).

Speaking of Summer chimichurri's and slaws... Today I'm linking you UP to be inspired by Alexandra Stafford of Alexandra Cooks! I cannot wait to try her cabbage slaw with miso-carrot dressing. I hope you are inspired as much as I am to cook up something special this weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!!! Summer 2017 here we COME!!!
  • Each #SettheTable2017 post begins with a featured recipe(s) + upcoming week's game plan followed by a picture diary of last week's chaos. I sign off every post with a handy reference list of my favorite foodie articles (some new, some repeated). 
  • #CatchmyGrit on my Instagram throughout the week to capture the fun, the food and the family table reactions (good and bad). C'est la vie, I selfy-ishly light it UP in pics and videos to keep truckin! 
  • New to this series? Here's the STORY behind my #SettheTable2017 food adventures with Pure Barre Kildeer.
  • My two go to's for meal planning organization (the grocery list app features are rad): 1. Jamie's Ultimate Recipes App 2. Sarah's My New Roots Recipe App 

Week 21's Game plan:

  • Taco Tuesday

Wrap it UP with last week's family table action:

My Prairie Wind Family Farm CSA bounty!

Find my big ass Italian Roast Chicken Salad inspiration here.

Find my Mushroom Fennel and Bacon inspo here.

I cooked the antibiotic free bacon on a cookie sheet over parchment paper in the oven (400 degrees for 20 min = So much easier than batch frying it). So good.

This was a rad salad lunch after stand up paddle boarding on the Diamond! Thanks Krissy!!

My chimichurri slaw ingredients that I made yesterday. I only used about 1/3 of the leaves from the chard. 

Silly Sailor boys. Summer on the Diamond has BEGUN!

Sunburned, super full and super happy Chris did the dishes!

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