Sunday, April 30, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 17

Happy Sunday Funday - #thisis40

Today I'm totally inspired by this ridiculous veggie snack platter from Thrive Magazine - I'm going to try and make something like this more often for the kids when they get home from school. 
Eat the freakin rainbow. 

Week 17's Game Plan:

  • Taco Tuesday of some sort

Wrap it UP with last week's family table action:

Last week = All leftovers. Ha! It was such a blur... a big birthday, track practice, lacrosse... stitched together like a homemade quilt. I didn't get to make the two recipes from last week, so I'm all set to make them this week. 

17 weeks in, it's pretty cool to see how the "busy-ness" gets sewn together at the end of every week. 
I never know quite what it will look like, and this weekly diary is keeping me accountable in a really fun way:)

I especially love the "restart" feeling after every Sunday post. 

How about this totally rad 1977 birthday apron action!? 

My next decade of cooking is going to be so.much.better than the last:)  

To the Mullies we go...


My Top 7 #SettheTable2017 Topics:

  1. "Why We Need To Be Weirdos To Be Healthy" (My goal: 80% weird. Daily reality = 20-100%)
  2. How to Cook With Oils
  3. Buy Antibiotic Free and Know the Source of Your Family's Meat
  4. The EWG "Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen produce guidelines helps you save money + reduce the pesticides and herbicides (Antibiotics harmful to our gut microbiome + mycobiome) at home. 
  5. Avoid artificial colors and preservatives to keep your gut-brain happy + healthy
  6. Why, When and How to Eat Wheat
  7. 50 Years Ago, the Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Point Blame at Fat

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  1. 1000% inspired by the thrive veggie platter you shared, making one! and the vegan sloppy joe recipe is on the list too.. love the wood trivets on your family table (: (: you make 40 look like 30! muah!!!


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