Sunday, April 2, 2017

Set the Table 2017 | Week 13

Welcome back + Happy Sunday "Last Day of Spring Break" Fun Day!

Avocado, Egg and Strawberries on French Toast
Layer and eat!

A fresh or leftover piece of sourdough french toast (mine was leftover)
1/2 avocado sliced
1 egg sunny side up
sea salt and pepper
sliced strawberries

  • Each Sunday #SettheTable2017 begins with the upcoming week's game plan followed by a picture recap of last week's chaos. Warning: C'est la vie, I selfy-ishly light it UP in pics and videos to keep truckin.
  • #CatchmyGrit on my Instagram throughout the week to capture the fun, the food and the family table reactions (good and bad).
  • New to this series? Here's the STORY behind my #SettheTable2017 food adventures with Pure Barre Kildeer.
*Note: The first underlined/linked recipe name corresponds to one of two chefs:
1. Jamie Oliver online recipe or to his Ultimate Recipes App (J)
2. Sarah Britton - My New Roots Blog or Naturally Nourished or RecipeApp (S)
Both of their apps help me to stay organized (their grocery list features are rad); However, IF I am unable to find a recipe/cooking technique online, I have linked to a similar recipe for those not using the apps. Here is a handy conversion link for any of J's online euro measurements (*Both apps use USA measurements).

*"Why We Need To Be Weirdos To Be Healthy" (My goal: 80% weird. Daily reality = 20-100%)
*Read up on how to cook with oils.
*If possible, buy antibiotic free meat (Here's why I try to know where my meat is coming from).
*Use the EWG "Clean Fifteen + Dirty Dozen produce guidelines to save money + reduce the pesticides and herbicides (harmful to our gut microbiome + mycobiome) at home. 
*Why you should Avoid artificial colors and preservatives to keep your gut-brain happy + healthy.
*Not celiac, but wondering about the big fuss connecting gluten, wheat and inflammation? Read this. 

Geronimo! It's a cardboard Food Revolution full of people who play on different teams... And all part of a relative, gushing, waterfall. Welcome to my weirdo La La Land: I made this awesome FRD 2015 cooking video to it a few years ago with my girlfriends and it's still lighting me UP. 

Wrap it UP with last week's family table action:

Whether you like your tacos on a soft tortilla, a chip, or a leaf... this one's a keeper. I took a look at Jamie's app recipe, liked it... and tweaked it for my eaters. Now if it wasn't for Mac and Abbie getting their braces tightened that day, I would not have had any leftovers... (Mom, my teeth hurt too much to eat! UGH). So I guess I'm happy I had some to make my sweet eggie lunch the next day! #moreforme

Crispy Caramelized Pork tacos with OJ
Inspired by Jamie's recipe here

1 red onion diced and sautéed in ghee with a good pinch of coconut sugar to caramelize
1 lb Antibiotic free ground pork (pasture raised if you can find it)
1 Tablespoon Chinese 5 spice blend (or more to taste - I eyeballed it)
1/2 cup water
1 organic orange (zest + fresh juice)
sea salt and pepper

Saute the onion first low and slow until beautifully caramelized with the coconut sugar. Make a well in your pan and fry up the ground pork. Get it nice, crispy and browned. Add the rest of the ingredients. Simmer until you're ready to eat. It'll get nice and sticky as the liquid evaporates off.

Easy Cabbage + Cilantro slaw
Inspired by Gwyneth's version from It's all Good cookbook 

1/4 green cabbage sliced thin 
1/4 bunch cilantro rough chopped
1 tsp organic gomasio (it's just sesame seeds + sea salt)
1 lime (zest + juice)
2 tsp fish sauce (you can find it in the Asian section at your grocery store)
2 tsp avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil

Mix up all ingredients. Cover and let sit in the fridge for at least 30-hour. It's just gets better.

Last night, I taught my friend Jenn how to properly massage the seeds (aka "Dickens") out of the cucumbers last night. Super honored to have this lovely family recipe featured in my friend and fellow Super Ambassador's blog!!! Hop on over to Julie Cockburn's Taste of the Place blog and be inspired to make my Grandma Millie's Cucumber Salad! I am in love with her video - Made me tear up too... the family cooking and table memories and are so strong!!! So fun to partner with you Julie!

I had planned to make Jamie's crab risotto this week, but instead I saw his new dish on Instagram two days ago, made with spaghetti, crab and fennel. Ahhhhh Lightbulb! So I tried to mimic it (with the risotto recipe as a guide) and it turned out fantastic. All I did was sauté the sliced fennel, onion and celery in butter, sea salt, pepper and a little water; Cook & drain the linguini; Toss it all together with some halved grape tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil; Garnish with parsley and fennel fronds; Add parmesan cheese for the home run. Boom shaka laka.

My sister in law Vicki made + massaged this kale salad to perfection. 

Boy oh boy, there was a lot of massaging for this dinner... 

My Mom brought her pretty purple slaw.

Chris grilled up some organic, grass fed burgers patty-caked by Jenn and we feasted, laughed and lingered.

I super love this family table. 

To the mullies we go...


I just squeezed this one in from last week, Sarah's Black Bean Chocolate Chili Cherry Cookies... I'm coming over with them... Catch my grit on Instagram:)

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