Wednesday, October 29, 2014

come cook with me at the fearless kitchen!

come cook with me at the fearless kitchen on tuesday, november 4th!

**UPDATE!  bring a friend for FREE!  the promotion code will come up in your registration!**

have you ever heard of the lovely peterson garden project?  my girlfriend jennifer suggested i apply to be an instructor at their new "taste test" series.  i had learned about their stellar chicago projects through the food patriots and fell in love with them.

so i did.  i jumped. i applied. they have accepted me.

oh dear lord.

i have done plenty of cooking classes in my own kitchen with kids, done demo's etc... but never something all official like this for adults.  i love that it's set up to be for 1st time instructors, or for those who want to "test out" a new class concept.  

i'm so excited, i'm so nervous, i'm sure i'll feel like i have to go to the bathroom just like i did before i took the softball field.  it's time to go balls out once again!

it's my as a cooking instructor!  fake it till you make it i say.

i hope you can come fill one of the lucky 20 spots.  be gentle with me.  we'll be cooking and eating three + food revolution recipes that i enjoy cooking with my kids.  i'll be sharing my tips and tricks to get cooking with kids, our own food revolution story and how i got involved in this whole real food waterfall with JOFR.  more than anything else, i hope you leave armed with a few new recipes, a belly full of good food (it's BYOB too!!!), inspiration to start cooking from scratch more often and sore cheeks from laughing with me in the fearless kitchen. 

minestrone soup
everyday chopped salad
simplest fruit salad
homemade ranch & a jam jar vinaigrette 

doesn't that sound delicious!?  

i'll see you there!


i'll bring the music

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