Tuesday, October 28, 2014

food day chicago 2014 - hidden cash event

to dana garcia (co-chair and project lead for chicago food day) and her incredible team, CHEERS to one huge successful CHICAGO FOOD DAY 2014 - click the link and check out the amazing photo gallery and events that took place!  

what a thrill to help spread food education for all and thank.you.so.much for the opportunity to volunteer for this incredible event!  it truly was a highlight of my food rev ambassadorship so far and i CANNOT WAIT for next year:)  oh sarvin keep those laces on, as we'll be teaming up again... and my dear aubrey, thanks for getting up at the crack of dawn, getting on that train and joining our team without one clue to what it would entail - we sure rocked it out baby!   

let's light up the stars in our beautiful skyline 

keep cooking & eating REAL chicago!!!!!  MUAH!!


i'll be following up about this experience + our mundelein meal planning/pot luck night with my teammate christina for another food rev blog coming up soon!  xxx

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  1. I need to book an open space for NYC events with a sitting capacity of 500 guests. Actually, this is our first event that we are arranging in NYC and we don’t have any contacts. So, please guide us guys!!


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