Monday, November 3, 2014

mr big's food diary - getting on board

i'd like to introduce you to a new VIP guest writer in the mullies:

the one and only
the grand poo-bah
my vince vaughn meets chevy chase hubby of 14 years
mr chris shifley

this launches a new adventure starting here in the mullies.  i'm not driving it though... chris is at the wheel.  no editing except for basic punctuation (which clearly i have a problem with).

chris and i had just gotten back from his CDW employee health and wellness day where folks measure waistlines, take blood, ask questions... yada yada yada... basically, at the end you meet with a health coach and she tells you whether or not you're in the red zone in the major health topics of concern.  we went head to head in a husband vs wife health competition - his arse is still sore from the delicious beat down.

all kidding aside, deja vu alarm bells swept me back to sept 8, 2012.  but the difference this time is this: he's in charge of his boat, not me. i am not his mom (essential advice from my bunny!) and i'll do whatever he needs including offering up this blog space to spill his guts of fake food!  to CDW: thank you from the bottom of my food rev heart for the health data jump start.  to sheryl devore at the chicago tribune, thank you for writing that lovely article - nothing like a little print pressure to get him to

hot diggity diz nawg welcome to his new hot column.

i'm on the edge of my seat to see where this puppy goes...


Mr Big's Food Diary - Day 1

This is just as much a story about eating better as it is about a love affair coming to a possible end. No not me and my wonderful wife of fourteen years, but rather between me and the food I love (I'll miss you most of all Portillos.)

As you all know, Lindsey has been holding her children food hostages (me included) for the past two years after making the choice to remove all foods with artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners and flavor in them.  Oh yea, and gluten.  Or as I call them, "foods I love". 

Of course, I am supportive of this new household menu and do my best to finish off what she serves up each night for dinner. The problem is when I'm not at home and working in a corporate environment with days spent sitting at the office or out if town traveling. Eating out at fast food or other Vernon Hills dietary gems (the aforementioned Portillos, Chili's, and numerous sub sandwich spots) may be easy for quick lunch breaks but tough to reduce the waistline. 

With Lindsey gaining more attention with her Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and articles in the Chicago Tribune, I felt it was time for me to finally get on board fully. So I'm going to attempt my own version of that "super size me" Morgan Spirlock tv show and try my best to follow the Lindsey rules for 30 days. 

It's gonna be a rough month with Thanksgiving and several business trips.

So here is where I start, the day after Halloween. 

Day 1
November 1st

No breakfast as I was racing around with kids basketball games all morning. After five hours at the local gymnasium, the kids and I had lunch at Jason's Deli as it has all kinds of options, great service and most of all they have gluten free products on the menu. I went with a turkey club and a few hard boiled eggs. 
After an afternoon of Legos with Tommy, I was off to O'Hare for a work trip. This trip allowed me to enjoy airport food which I'm not ready to navigate healthy options on my own yet. So I had Dinner at an airport bar and went with the chicken sandwich (no bread) and the best $8 Sam Adams bottle they had to offer.

Day 2
November 2 in Kansas City

I am realizing this was a tough weekend to begin this food change as I am spending it in BBQ country. 
The day was spent tailgating and rooting on the Chiefs as they beat the lowly Jets. I of course had all kinds BBQ meats but went light on the sauce and stayed away from all the other "fixins" as they say. It was a successful day of eating ....But the half dozen beers didn't help out much. 
Dinner was low key as I had some southern style Mac and cheese with BBQ burnt ends. Amazing... Just amazing.  

Day 3
November 3

Orange juice and gluten free bagel. 
Yes the bagel was dry and of course it was dense and not all that tasty but it fit into the plan so that's what I had. 
I am now on a flight back to Chicago after what I consider a successful trip as I absolutely ate "better" than I normally would.  

Two and a half days down.


to the mullies we go...


i'm not excited or anything...


  1. love hearing from the man of the house! i know you will offer much inspiration to other guys, keep it up!

    1. me too!! on the edge of my seat waiting for his next edition:) thanks bunny!


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