Friday, September 19, 2014

finding the mullies

waving goodbye.

the other half of the mullies left on tuesday.

my beautiful sister and nieces.

we made such lovely memories and delicious food together,

over such a long, beautiful weekend...

they won't be back here for another year.

when you find yourself in the mullies...

the dear moments that make your heart burst with laughter and such...

with sunshine on your face, grass stains on your knees...

the electricity seems to last but only for a moment.

a memory kept alive with a photograph, two or three..

oh why oh why must we leave?


life is a swing, back and forth, back and forth...

here's to linking our kitchens

to cooking with our kids

to never growing up

to throwing lots of balls at each other

to the mullies

i love you and i'll be seeing you



thank you kurt and christina for sharing the most ridiculous, balls out, cioppino we have ever had in our entire lives.  kurt made his with gumption (no recipe) and here's a lovely, inspiring cioppino recipe for you:)


the one and only boeuf bourguignon


  1. Such a beautiful heart-felt post! There's so much love in your family--thanks for sharing it with us!


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