Monday, September 22, 2014

hello fall, hello comfort food

fall + Comfort Food has finally landed in the USA tuuuuuuh-daaaaaaaaaaaay.

it's Jamie Oliver's newest cookbook and i am diving in...

he's the freakin daddio visionary behind the Food Revolution to which i volunteer my lover-ly time.

i decided to write about Jamie's Comfort Food because it's truly all about the food my family and i'm always looking to spice up & improve my family meal plan.  i want balls out, ultimate versions of our all-time favorites + brand new go-to's.  

these are indulgent recipes i will save for special occasions - weekends, lovely holidays and other fun events where i gather with the people i love to spoil and celebrate with wicked abandon.  take a gander at the comfort food hub here for cookbook info and links for new recipes to try out with your kids (i'll be trying, so stay tuned).  it will have a permanent spot on my open kitchen shelves as comfort food is always on request in the mullies.  

CONFESSION: even though taste buds have greatly improved over the past two years, if i stopped cooking, our real food ratio would very well plummet into poo-poo land.  yes, that's right... if push came to shove, my husband (who does not cook) and kids would gladly choose fast food over my veggie-laden-pile-fulls-of-love.  that's an unfortunate, sad & embarrassing fact jack... so, i have learned to mix in their favorite comfort foods and tweak them with gumption to fit our needs (abbie is still gluten free and i like to cook dairy free).  i'm seriously lovin on jamie's top ten easy tips to live by to help this mullies food revolution stay.the.course... for i don't want to lose my little buggers along the way during our crazy culinary adventures.

a balanced, centered kitchen on the power line = more strikeouts

i have found that when i cook from scratch with my kids, no matter what type of food ("healthy" or "indulgent"), it naturally teaches them where the food is coming from and what's in it... nobody is inadvertently eating any hidden, fake food ingredients and i love that!!  oh hum... someday, they'll be off to college and i am severely hoping they'll be some nights where they prefer to stay in, gather and cook with friends.  oh dear lord please.

so let's get cooking & playing together
let's fall in love
let's laugh more 
let's linger longer 
for some delicious
that we will 

make life a scream... to the mullies we go.  xoxoL


2 years ago, we used to eat meat almost everyday for dinner (for i have a meat and potatoes type of husband and that's what.he.wants).  however, since learning a little more about our food supply and meat industry practices, we do the best we can to eat local, sustainable, organic and humanely raised meat for dinner to 1-2 nights a week and i am cooking up vegetarian and vegan meals the rest of the time. 

this lovely article talks about why (if you're not already vegan or vegetarian) it's important for us to become food patriots with our meat: don't have a cow.  

looking for a local, sustainable & grass fed meat source lake county?  
check out wallace farms - they deliver the liver, loves.


  1. don't have a cow!!!!!!! such a good switch you've made! xo!

  2. p.s.
    i LOVE the video!!!!! especially your neighbors (;


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