Monday, September 8, 2014

the mullies turns 2: A Food Revolution Plum Gumption Sauce

2 years ago today, i started this lovely blog.

i'm sitting here typing this at my island, in the exact spot i did a blink of an eye ago... 

i changed my daughter's diet and it changed the course of everything for her, for me, for us as a family.


and what FUN it has been celebrating two BIG birthdays, two weeks in a row...

i made the latest video last friday, during our one heck of a monsoon rainstorm.  i hope it inspires you to get your gumption on and cook with your kids with or without a recipe... start your own kitchen diary TODAY.  mine is getting rather full...

i'll be doing my best to put out fun, food revolution content that highlights my mullies quest to teach kids about their fruits and veggies, to teach kids how to cook, to teach myself how to become a better cook and most of all... not to take ourselves too seriously.'s the only way to survive a real food revolution.

i'm in it to win it... and i have a looooooong way to go... i'm banking on a solid, good 100 years at it.

cheers to birthdays
to the ever evolving, bumpity pace of growing up 
and to gathering with those who light our (b)asses up.

cuz you know i'm all about that bass.

let's go balls.out.together in the food rev and see where we end up!

lace it up sallies,



  1. best video ever!!!!! (although i don't think ANYTHING will beat the yogurt video for me but....that's a whole 'nother ball game) and what a sous chef that mr tommy and especially him saying "sofrito!!!!"

    1. SOFRITO!!!! SOFRITTO!!! SOFFRITTO!!!!! lol, loves that you LOVE IT!!!!! xoxoxo


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