Wednesday, February 26, 2014

tonight is movie night - grab your popcorn peeps!

what are YOU doing tonight at 7pm CST?

i hope you can tune in and get inspired!  grab your family and friends and get together over some shake and bake popcorn for a fabulous food documentary!

nobody home but you tonight?  i promise it'll be the best solo movie date you'll ever have!!!

check out this food patriots link for more information.

let's light twitter up with food revolutionaries:

join the #FoodPatsChat after from 8:15pm - 9:15pmCST!

tweet tweet!!

make me - shake and bake homemade popcorn
1/3 c popcorn
2-3 T extra virgin coconut oil
sea salt

heat up your pan with the coconut oil and place three kernels with a lid on it.  when the kernels pop, dump the rest in and shake and bake over med high heat!

i loved making this impromtu video with my kids:)


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