Thursday, February 27, 2014

who wants to play ball for #FRD2014?

my three super power identities are colliding...

mom + food ambassador + pitching coach = a real troublemaker

there are so many reasons to make a food change in your family... the main reason i did it was to see if a diet change would help alleviate my daughter's ADHD/sensory processing/social issues and function better in school.

helllllllllers it worked.

when i start working with a pitcher, i look at what she does well and what we need to fix.  i celebrate her correct habits and i teach her how to fix her bad habits.  we make new muscle memory patterns. at first, the right way feels so wrong;  it's uncomfortable to change.  so, we do video feedback & mirror work, i demonstrate, we copy each other, we practice A LOT.  there are so many elements to pitching: posture, snap, leg drive, arm circle, balance, spacing, foot work... yikes.  it can be overwhelming!

if becoming a great pitcher is a priority, she will persevere through practice to reach her goals.

when i decided that real food was going to be my priority as a mom, i applied that same mentality of athletic perseverance which continues to help me everyday.

it is rough in the beginning... at 15 yrs old, i cried after my first few lessons cuz i was so afraid i'd fail and let my team down... at 35 years old, i cried a week into my food change because i was so afraid i was wasting my time when another path could probably fix abbie quick.

alas, there is no crystal ball.  will all this hard work and change be worth it?!

no matter what is driving you here, this food revolution team has no tryouts.  we have a jersey waiting for you.  your reason for joining the team may be a different reason than mine, but we're all in the same dugout... working together in the same direction.

i have spring training fever for the 3rd annual world series event:


there are no negative side effects when you talk about adding more real food to your diet while removing the fake stuff.

it's time to lead your team and "pitch out" some/most/all of the "food like substances" from your pantry, fridge and freezer.

you pick your pace - it's not a race.  

1.  have a team meeting - inspire and explain why you are going to make some changes.  go on, check out this amazing real food video contest together over some homemade popcorn!  make some family goals together!  challenge each other!

2.  we gotta train the rookies if they are gonna make it to the big leagues!!!

3.  meal plan and start practicing to cook more dinners from scratch - 1 meal... 2 meals...3 meals a week!  (my goal is 3-4 meals from scratch a week).

4.  harness your consumer power & be picky with your patronage.  my family votes with our $$$ to create and reward the american food system we want to live in - become a food patriot and join the food revolution!

5.  athletic/academic perseverance = cooking perseverance.  they are one and the same!  so apply your bad ass to the challenges of feeding your family more real food and don't.ever.give.up.

6.  need some training?  connect up with your local nutritionist to help ramp up your food regime and fill in the gaps.

we're gonna win some and lose some...
we're gonna cook our little fanny's off...
we're gonna work to get food education back into our schools...
we're going balls out for real food!

let's gather and!



here's some food for thought:

learning seed's food additive guide

foodcorps educational resources on pinterest 

dr joel fuhrman explains the ideal diet for athletes & highly active people

dr mercola - does your child have ADHD symptoms? stop feeding them this...

infographic - the shocking effects of artificial food dyes


Tell me what you think....