Monday, February 24, 2014

make it - cottage pie with mac attack

can you believe i made this video using my iVideo app on my phone?  i still can't freakin believe i did it!!!

it's funny how the best content ends up coming from non-planned, relaxed evenings in my kitchen:)

mac blew me away.  he is 9 years old now and he hasn't been as into my crazy kitchen-ness as the other two have been.  we connected more than we ever have in the kitchen last thursday... i think we're all falling in love with making food together:)

here is a great knife safety video i had him watch with me awhile ago.  check it out here and watch it with your older kids when they are ready!

and here is the full recipe link:

jamie oliver's cheesy cottage pie with scallion mashed potatoes

mullies recipe notes:
-we used coconut oil.
-we omitted the cheese.
-we mixed 1 organic sweet potatoe, 2 small organic russet potatoes and 2 medium organic yukon potatoes.
-we used gluten free beer.

jo, thanks as always for the inspo baby!


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