Saturday, February 22, 2014

the food patriots world premiere event

from left: ambassador and stevenson high school teacher christina erickson, SHS teacher sara lohrman, D76 board of ed vice president laura vogt, moi, chicago ambassadors sarvin haghighi and colleen foster.

me and the lisle food ambassador katy vodicka.

2014 is gonna be a good year.

meet my food revolution teammates!  gathering with these lovely lady food ambassadors has been a highlight of the year so far for me.  i am so excited to watch our collective relationships and food revolution power grow! 

here was the best and craziest part of the night: i walked into the theater with laura, sarvin, christina, sara, and two SHS colleagues.  as we picked our seats out, two audience members stood up to let us in and heeeeeyyyyoooooooooooo one of the strangers turned out to be colleen foster, the chicago ambassador we had never met!!  then, just two rows up, i see another super cute girl turn around and wink at me... she turned out to be katy, whom i knew was coming, but had never met before either!!  can you believe it!?  in a sold out theater of 250 people, we all sat together... 

now that is some

become a food patriot and join the food revolution!

i'll never forget emailing jennifer & jeff spitz last november with my dream food revolution day 2014 initiative.

food documentaries can be so informative.  however, some can leave you feeling judged, hopeless and down right upset (not to mention hopeless) at the plethora of food challenges our nation and globe are facing together.

food patriots informs and leaves the audience inspired, hopeful and ready to connect with the other local real food forces all around us. sparks a conversation about our food that erases our cultural, demographic and economic lines like nothing i have ever experienced before. gathers our collective voices and empowers all of us to harness our consumer power. makes you feel like small changes can actually mean something and that the mountain isn' if we climb it together.  

i'll be sharing what we are all planning, doing and celebrating so that you can follow our real food journeys as they evolve this year...  as food ambassadors, as food patriots, as wives & husbands, as moms & dads, as teachers and coaches...   let's go balls out for real food and light it UP together shall we?!

meet food patriots holly kim & bruce dir!  holly is the local mundelein trustee who invited me over a year ago to watch a rough cut of food patriots in november of 2012.  i had just became a food ambassador a few weeks before with no clue of what to do or how to start reaching out to my community.

bruce is the owner and head brewmaster at our local mundelein craft brewery, tighthead brewing company.  he donated his time and two kegs of craft beer for this wonderful event.  i love you and your beer so much!  thank you bruce!

and i love you too holly for buying a dvd for our local fremont library and for connecting to me so long ago... jiggity jig!

looking good jeff!

i can't wait to wear my t-shirt tomorrow at temple shalom's public screening!
join me at 12:45pm for a free chipotle burrito lunch!

we helped out bruce and brought back his brewing equipment in our swagger van.  this above shot was taken just before laura and i walked to the parking garage only to realize we forgot what level the swagger van was parked on.  hope you're staying warm on the sidewalk honey!   ooooooops.

a lucky, 3-guess finish to a wonderful night.

see you tomorrow!



wanna see more great pics from the premiere?  check out their facebook photos here.


  1. WOW!!!! you chicago food ambassadors (+ supporting friends and family and school teachers/admins) are kicking some serious butt!!!! big kudos to you all for hosting an amazingly successful event! big love from CO!

    1. The Food Patriots really did it up! I can feel the love! Thank you bunnylove!!!! xxoo

  2. I love that you said "jiggity jig" lol.. love you Linsey! Keep on truckin'


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