Thursday, February 20, 2014

a february ambassador challenge - a veggie frittata for my daddio

i made this for lunch on a 1/2 whim.  

my dad came over on valentine's day and i really wanted to make something fun and festive.  

i was on a roll with my coconut yogurt love fest... 

each month, our ambassador community receives monthly challenges and it came to my rescue! welcome to the mullies my little veggie frittata!!!

here's my recipe narrative... 

i opened my fridge, scavenged my onion basket and grabbed what sounded good:

1 fennel bulb (stems and fronds saved for a later dish)
1 turnip (1st time putting that in a dish... for realz)
1 ruby red beet (what a great idea on valentine's day to make everything red, right!?!?)
1 shallot

i chopped the goodies all up and fried it up with some coconut oil in my cast iron.  i fried it low and slow for at least 15 minutes and added some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.  

next, i cracked four local, pastured raised eggs into a bowl, gave it a splash of light coconut milk and whipped it up with my fork.

then i poured the eggs into the cast iron, gave it a good mix up and let it set for a bit while i sprinkled a weeeeeeee bit of lovely parmesan cheese on top.  oh to hell with my zits.  

lastly, it went into my oven to get bubbly and oh so delishUSly crispy.

i took my picture as soon as it came out of the oven.  

my dad and i enjoyed lunch so much... my favorite part is when he bites into my food while closing his eyes, chews for a bit and then looks up and says, "you are such a great cook".  

sometimes i really make some magic.

so when my kids & hubby don't super love and appreciate my and give me "bologna-pony", i just think about him and how much he would love it.  

you always loved watching me play "balls out" on the field and now we get to eat "balls out real food" together for the rest of our days.  how lovely is that?

i adore being a human garbage disposal with you... 

love you dad:)



and jamie o is right about this frittata popping the perfect leftover for your lunchbox... i had a wedge the second day and the third for breakfast and lunch.  


  1. <3. You two are so sweet. I'm totally doing that. Sounds delicious and nutritious!

  2. i mean seriously, how CUTE are you two?!!!!


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