Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a food patriots world premiere gathering

tonight is the night!

food patriots is premiering downtown at the chicago cultural center at 5:30pm!

and it's sold out babycakes:)

wanna see the film too?  i have two great options for you:

come join me this sunday at 12:45pm at chicago's temple shalom for a public screening!  rsvp today for a free chipotle lunch:)  yum.

can't do that either?  well then join us on feb 26th for the online premiere and twitter chat hosted by consumer union!

oh this is just so exciting!!!

now back to TONIGHT - look who's joining me!!!!

the lovely lake county food rev ambassador teammate christina erickson (and she's bringing two Stevenson HS co-workers)

the lovely chicago food rev ambassador sarvin haghighi

the lovely lisle food rev ambassador katy vodicka

chris is meeting me later on and i'll be headed downtown with my friend and school board member laura vogt!

our local craft brewery tighthead brewing company will be there sponsoring the event.  thank you thank you bruce for supporting this event and donating your amazing product to help spread the message of the food patriots & food revolution.

"When it comes to healthcare, the environment, jobs and national security; changing the way America eats is the most patriotic thing we can do.  So we call people who are doing the Food Patriots."

now that's what i'm talking bout baby.

the food revolution is going to make a ton of real food education connections tonight and what a kick off to get us geared up for food revolution day 2014 on friday may 16th!

i'll see you you on the red carpet!



save the date! the lake county food rev team is hosting a screening of food patriots on wednesday, may 14 at stevenson high school!

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