Saturday, November 30, 2013

who loves some t-day food bombs?


what does that look like to you?

i'm still puking in my mouth a little...

it was supposed to be smooth, creamy butter frosting.

see, i attempted to swap coconut oil for butter.  i also tried a new brand of organic powdered sugar. b.i.g mistake, major major BOMB.  this disgusting concoction blew up right before i needed to get my arse next door to my parents house for out 1pm turkey dinner.  gag.

so i regrouped, swore a little, put my game face and followed the damn recipe.  thank heavens i had another bag of powdered sugar.

the day was saved.  i have perfected my grandma's sour cream cookies.  they were completely sold out in less than 30 minutes.  pigs.  pigs i say.

remember that pretty perfect little green bean casserole i made?

i was so excited to heat up some leftovers last night with friends.  

i didn't put my timer on.  i mean, who needs a timer?  i totally remember my stuff.

an hour + later christina asked, "why is your oven still on?"



so mad i could spit.

gotta love food bloopers.  i have way too many of them and i've decided to share them from now on.

how bout you!?  any epic food failures on turkey day?  i'd love to hear about them:)

let's laugh.


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