Sunday, December 1, 2013

go all american - ranch yourself

mac has never.ever.liked any ranch i have served him, homemade or bottled...

...until a few nights before thanksgiving.

when his minecraft world exploded with ranch lava.

here is his grand prize winner:

inspo=easy homemade yogurt ranch

mullies notes:
mix 2 T spices (from above link and no powdered buttermilk needed for us) + 3/4 c plain sheep's yogurt (or greek) + 1/2 c vegenaise (or mayo) + juice from 1/2 lemon (1 T) until the consistency is perfect.  thin it out with almond milk if you like runny ranch.

oh and btw, these are approximate measurements, i just dump it in a bowl and go for it.

try that on for size.

i mean what is going on over here?

...chris likes my new french dressing, mac likes my new ranch AND my cats WON yesterday!!!!
the purple is flowing - fitz & the boys' bad luck is over grovers.

and tommy really really likes it.



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