Thursday, November 28, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

 my wedding china is gathering dust and i'  espresso truly tastes better with your pinkies up. the walters gang is in from colorado and it's time to show them how to make some waffles.  

this is what a quadruple batch of gluten free waffles look like.  get the epic flour mix here.

a cranberry relish from food rev ambassador terri salminen

mr oliver's butternut squash soup recipe.  i added one sweet potato, that's it.

my grandma dorothy's sour cream cookies... i make em with plain sheep's milk yogurt now and they are gluten free to boot!  mouth watering, aren't they:)? 

so very lucky to everyday.

we made some shake and bake popcorn and having a sleepover tonight.  

it's been lovely sharing these last few days.

so happy to be going to bed now.

for i'm making some more waffles in the morning for my animal house.

muchas gracias mi amores,


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  1. love all of your t-day photos!!! everyone looks very dapper (; and then kids galore for popcorn time!!!!


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