Monday, June 17, 2013

daddy's are forever

We sure had a great Father's Day.  I have a couple of noteworthy happenings to share:  

#1 My Dad almost melted our grill with a grease fire (luckily we had two firemen in the house and my bro took control so our whole deck & faces didn't go up in flames).  

#2 My Mom and I got our baking groove on and tried two new recipes from Gwyneth P's It's All Good."  I made Chocolate Cake with Darleen's Healthy Buttercream" and she made "Flourless Anything crumble"from scratch and everyone loved them.  I was missing a few things in my pantry and could only find them all at Whole Foods.  I struck out everywhere else.  Is that annoying that I had to make a special trip to WF?  Yes.  Is it expensive?  Yes.  So be it: quinoa flakes (by the lb only, can't find it prepackaged), Spectrum organic non-hydrogenated veg shortening and organic brown rice syrup were worth the special car ride with my Dad and now I have it all on hand:)

#3 Need an easy & amazing chicken marinade?  Take 1 cup of Vegenaise (or mayo) and mix 1 T of Old Bay seasoning.  Put the organic chicken thighs (did you know that dark meat is better for you nutritionally than white meat?) into a plastic bag, smoosh em all up with the marinade and refrigerate for an hour or two.  I laid them right on the grill.  These puppies will wow the pants off everyone (and were not the cause of the grease fire mind you).

#3 Tommy fell asleep on the couch just like that.

#4 To my Dad - I love you so.  Thank heavens we don't need a new grill:)  Muah!


  1. That cake looks awesome, I have to try it!! XO!

  2. love these photos!! and your cutie pie daddio (; that sweet dreams rice syrup is THE best, i make brown rice rice krispy treats with it and so SO good!

    1. rice crispy treats!?!?! i MUST try that:) share that recipe!!!!


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