Thursday, June 13, 2013

a clean relish

one of the first group of items to go in my clean out phase was the relish and pickles.  practically every.single.jar had sodium benzoate, calcium chloride, natural flavors, polysorbate 80 and yellow #5. it was so shocking to me at first.  i remember being so mad and disgusted at how virtually every condiment item i had in the house had artificial ingredients.  luckily, there are real replacements for everything and it's all good.  i just had to start looking at the labels and now i simply buy something different.  

i am loving this brand i found at whole foods and i am also going to try making our own easy dill pickles from scratch with the kids.  chop chop mag has a great recipe and i can't wait cuz i am going to let the kids take the lead... oooohhhhhhhhh yea!! that post is in the hole and coming on deck soon.

get ur pickle on.


lookie lou who just posted her famous summer salad!!  miss food revolution long grove is online... welcome to blogland bri!!!  hollah that!!!  this is the salad she demo'd at our food revolution day picnic and it's super duper delish.  



  1. i have heard of mcclures but only found bubbies at our wf's, i'll have to look again, bubbies is all natural too but it doesn't taste just like pickle relish, it's different... (; have you tried it?

    1. i haven't heard of bubbies!!! i definitely have to try it:) i call my kids "bubbies" HA!!!! xoxo


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