Tuesday, June 18, 2013

beach day secret salsa

i brought my green salsa to the beach last week and i'm just a crazy freako about it right now.

anytime i can sneak the green stuff in, i do it.  this salsa is oh so good and oh so easy... i think you'll turn into a super freak right along with me.

#1 make this green juice in your blender, magic bullet or vitamix.  strain it like the recipe calls for and drink the juice of course.

#2 take the super nutritious green pulp and mix it equal parts to any salsa you have on hand.  i had trader joe's salsa verde and hello perfection.  this will work in any salsa, just go for it.

#3 i brought it to the beach and had all my girlfriends try it.  we of course played, "guess what's in it".  

#4 make this salsa and perhaps you'll get a rainbow sky too.  arriba arriba!!!


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