Friday, May 24, 2013

the ever evolving grocery diaries

i no longer buy as much as i can in one shopping trip for the week.  i make smaller, more frequent trips which was a major change for me.  it was a drag at first, like i had the time to hit all these stores for certain items...  here's what i have found:  yes i go to the store more frequently but there are major upsides:

more fresh food that doesn't rot before i use it.
i no longer have to unload tons and tons of bags (1-3 tops!).
i'm done in 30 minutes or less.
i'm sticking to my budget.

a food change is hard because it's breaking habits and traditions.  shopping habits change, kitchen habits change and taste buds change.  that's a lot.  now that we're on the "other side of someday" it's pretty darn fun to look back and see how the lanscape has changed...  aaaaaah the evolution of a food revolution, that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it!?

farmer's market season is here and i can't wait to see how my shopping habits adapt for the summer months!!  these lists are not an exact science.  you can find these products at so many different stores, depending on where you live.  i haven't had the time to really price compare, my head gets fuzzy thinking about it.  i need to check out my local garden fresh, they have such an amazing selection and super great pricing... perhaps they'll make it into the rotation next time:)

yes there is a lot of organics listed.  check out this lovely video from the harvard school of public health that explains how pesticides are being linked to ADHD in our children.   and how about this one on  GMO's and pesticides?  super scary and unbelievable to the point of dismissal & jokes unfortunately.   i also do not buy processed meats anymore (except for some nitrate/antibiotic free turkey).  i hope you find some time to watch these videos i linked to and you can thank me later for blowing your brain up.

here is our updated playlist - read it and weep!

trader joe's
udi's whole grain sandwich bread & bagels
organic jams
organic nuts
rolled oats
organic lemons
frozen wild caught seafood
organic frozen strawberries
lollypops (no artificial colors!)
kind bars & lara bars (fyi - sometimes jewel has buy one get one free!)
organic marinara sauce
organic coconut oil (if i run out of the omega nutrition organic oil)
canned light coconut milk (my favorite, no added fillers!)
organic condiments
organic pickles
aluminum free baking powder (all stores have this)
organic/free range poultry when available
goat's milk cheese slices
goat's milk cheese logs
organic vegetable stock
organic beans (black, garbanzo, great northern, cannellini)
organic salsa
organic tortilla chips
organic maple syrup
kale chips
organic dark chocolate
instant coffee crystals
organic, low sulfate wines

applegate farms oven roasted turkey by the pound for sandwiches (antibiotic and nitrate free)
organicville non-dairy organic gluten free ranch dressing (also making my own from scratch!)
organic condiments (they are really expanded their stock!)
tinkyada pasta joy brown rice pasta (elbow and spirals are the best!)
silk brand unsweetened almond milk

packaged dried fruit (for lunches & snacks)
bunny bars (organic gf granola bars...sometimes they are not there and i cry)
organic sugar
organic quinoa
bulk spices
organic diced tomatoes
organic hemp seed
organic frozen berries mix
organic rice milk
kettle potato chips

all ways healthy - corner health foods - whole foods market kildeer
large mixed organic produce box (fruits & veggies - AWH only)
local honey (AWH & CHF)
probiotics and vitamins
king bio homeopathic sprays (they have something for everything - AWH & CHF)
goji berries, chia seeds & vegan plant protein powder for smoothies
gluten free & vegan baking items
herbal teas
dandy blend instant herbal beverage (AWH)
organic chocolate sauce
local pastured eggs (AWH)
local & organic poultry and meat (1-2x's meat per week tops & red meat is a rarity now- WFM)
wild caught seafood (WFM)
sheep's yogurt (WFM)
cacio de roma sheep's milk italian cheese (WFM)
raw goat's milk feta cheese (CHF)
yeast (for bread making)
nutritional yeast (for zesty cheezy sauce making without the cheese)
freshly ground organic peanut butter (literally right in front of you! WFM)
organic raw almond butter (WFM)
udi's gf breads
organic ghee (clarified butter, casein and lactose free -WFM)

misc online
coconut palm sugar (wherever i can find it cheapest)
amazon subscription service for bulk (4 box sets) bob's red mill gluten free flours (gf-flour blend)
omega nutrition organic coconut oil (aroma free!) 32 oz containers

happy happy memorial day weekend!!!  may your picnics be stuffed with amazing real food:)


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  1. love that you took the time to post about your master (ever-evolvin) list!! we always teased that the people who knew us best (before re-locating) were all of the peeps at the grocery store because there is nowhere we go more! haha!!


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