Sunday, May 26, 2013

be a food patriot this memorial day

i'm singing this video and today's chicago tribune article to the mullies on food revolution mundelein's facebook & twitter pages, my facebook page... it's that important.  finally, the gmo conversation has some more research and a little doctor clout to boot.  take some time out this weekend and watch it.  yes please.  this is it my friends, IT IT IT IT... and don't forget to share these babies far and wide.  

here is the link to the actual published research paper - pocket protector needed: 

let's become food patriots.  doesn't that have a nice ring to it for memorial day?  start making small changes or big changes, whatever you can handle.  we all can make a 10% change with our grocery store dollar.  if we build it, they will come.  the spitz family almost lost their son to a raging bacterial infection that wouldn't quit.  they started the food patriot movement and have a fabulous documentary that i'm hoping to bring to our school district next year.  here is the spitz family's story in today's chicago tribune: antibiotics in livestock raising concern up the food chain.  

might this be all connected? gmo's - sick food - sick animals - sick humans - superbugs - superweeds = super bad (i do so love that movie).  oh boy oh boy.  i love it when the dots start to connect.  i just hope we haven't woken up to late.  pry the fingers out of your ears - no more la la la nappy time allowed.  

here we go baby, here.we.go.  

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  1. if you build it they will come!! good stuff my dear!


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