Thursday, May 23, 2013

finding food, bottles and bottega

poppies are my favorite flower and i have a TON this year in my garden!!

my portrait of kristy=andy warhol zombie!

my girlfriend kristy invited me to come with her to bottles and bottega for a little blogger get together downtown on monday night.  we had such an amazing time!!  i tell you what, getting out, eating, drinking and painting was just what the doctor ordered after quite an eventful foodrev weekend.  thank you so much for having us stephanie and i can't wait to see you again!

*bot·te·ga [boh-tey-guh]: the studio of a master artist, in which students learn by participating in the work.  

i love that!  whether it's painting or cooking... that's the way i like to learn, with my own hands!  


kristy and i met andrea herrera, president of amazing edibles gourmet catering and we've been invited downtown for a cooking class!  whoooop whoooooop!!  andrea provided super delish food for all of us to nibble on as we attempted to paint like picasso.  we also met justin koury of evolution wines for the wine tasting.  come to find out, he is super passionate about whiskey and bourbon...  helloooooooooo bunny, i'm taking you there someday as YOU are the one that got me into that elixer!!!!


  1. be still my heart, you KNOW i love whiskey!!!!!! and what a fun night, so wishing i had been there... xoxo, bunny

  2. Thanks for coming with!! That was so fun. Can't wait for our cooking class. Tapas and Sangria here we come!


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