Monday, May 20, 2013

success and satisfaction

as excited as i am in this picture, that's how tired i am today.  can you believe all this organic produce that whole foods kildeer donated!?  i could curl up and sleep the entire day off today.  so excited to share these pictures & tell the story of this amazing 1st annual event that went off without a hitch.    

the day started with a crazy fun food revolution day hangout.  it was such an honor and thrill to be asked to participate with this amazing group of individuals.  must keep pinching myself.

food revolution day google hangout participants:
1. Jamie Oliver - UK
2. Anna LappĂ© (moderator) – US
3. Ambassador Lindsey Shifley -US
4. Ambassador Oscar Hinojosa - Mexico
5. Ambassador Juna Alawadhi - Kuwait
6. Google chefs Jason Crayne & Norell Van Krieken - US
7. Google chef Bill Billenstein - US
8. Whole Foods Franklin Store Marketing Manager Nicole Roll + Ambassador
Shane Valentine – US (Ben from the London store may also join us live in the
London office at the end of the hangout).

wow wow wow, thank you food revolution for asking me to HANG!!!  

tommy is literally sitting next to me right now asking, "mommy are we going to have a lot of pinics?  are we going to have 5 picnics?"  yes tommy, we are going to have lots of picnics... we are just getting started.  

i hope you enjoy the waterfalling pictures from friday's picnic.  stacey, christina and megan: you crazy hot mamas, i'm loving making a difference with you at my side.  megan, thank you so very much for capturing the event!  (btw, we had another wonderful photographer shooting and i'm looking forward to sharing talie's pictures too!)  

i'm so excited to introduce you to two very special people in my life who were an integral part of of the picnic.  meet courtney lyons and carole childers!  carole is a certified nutritionist (C.N.) and a licensed dietitian nutritionist (L.D.N.) in the state of illinois and owner of All Ways Healthy Natural Foods in Lake Zurich IL.   i learned about carole and her daughter courtney through a neighbor and fell in love with her holistic approach to health through her private practice as a nutritional counselor.  carole spoke to our 200+ crowd at several points sharing tips and her simple, real food philosophy: "making small changes in the way you live can make a big difference in achieving a happier and healthier life."

and drum roll...

introducing my new partner in crime. here she is, briana cardone, the new food revolution long grove ambassador.  hollah, we are gonna make some trouble together girl.  did i tell you she's a chef?!?  i'm going to be her vanna white.  hee hee!!

so this song is dedicated to briana, all my hot mamas, carole & courtney, whole foods (tanya, you are amazing) and to ALL the food ambassadors & sponsors out there who rocked it out this past weekend all across the globe. 

i love troublemakers:)  let's keep stirring it UP.

wildtree organics - super yum stuff!  thank you so much lisa!!

young living essential oils.  thank you so much for coming and being a part of our event margie!!

passing out my maps and frisbees.  alex, jen and holly from village homesteading mundelein helping me with these too.  thank you so much!

tons of kids, tons of sports and activities... it was a bagging ball of a time!

how cute are these arts and crafts!?  little lake county went all out for the kids and provided crazy cute "green" projects for all.  thank you!!!  

the greater mundelein libertyville junior league (GLM jaycees) hosted their free bike safety event with us!  anyone who brought their bike in received free tune ups and helmet safety checks!!  thank you so much for partnering with us!!

the night before, bri and i baked two types of muffins together, banana and blueberry.  they were uber delicious and went gonzos fast!

oh heather, how did i not get a picture of you!?  thank you so much for being a part of this juice plus!

miss dawn morris joined us and led a super fun yo-pi workout.  bri and i of course were the first to join in... we love this stuff.  dawn shared her real food story and inspired us all to get moving!!

workin it...

not only is holly kim a new mundelein trustee, but she's also a member of village homesteading mundelein!  loving her energy and i know she is going to make in incredible impact on our wonderful town!!!

nothing better than firemen and a fire truck!  my bro is a countryside fire fighter and i don't know who was more excited when their big red truck pulled in, me or all the kiddos!!?!?!?

me, mary (marketing specialist extraordinaire!) and my awesome dad.  oh mary, what would we have done without the support of the mundelein park district!  the facility was oh so perfect and they are sure lucky to have you!  thank you so much!

and that's a wrap!  food revolution day 2013 is in the books!  looking forward to opening the next page ...right after a nap or two.



  1. lindsey my dear, this is AMAZING!!!! you hosted such an important event and all the while looking BEAUTIFUL!!! a huge cheers to all of your peeps who made it happen!! xoxo!

  2. SO proud of you and all your hard work!!!! Looks like a success and many more to come!!

  3. Awesome job Lindsey!! You are an inspiration! So glad to have met you this year :)


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