Wednesday, May 22, 2013

it's all uncharted

i want uncharted.

my girlfriend asked me yesterday, "what do you say to someone when they ask about your opinion between food and ADHD?"  well, here's where i am at:  i'm not a dr or a nutritionist.  i don't know if an elimination diet of some sort will help every child.  nobody knows.  that's the kicker.  it's somewhat uncharted.  we have no lovely conclusive research out there to draw upon.  just little studies here and there and the feingold organization who has been doing this since the 70's - there is a good chart for ya.  that was enough for me along with the fact that two mom's i know successfully tweaked their food and conquered symptoms years ago with their sons.  i had nothing to lose by working with a nutritionist and looking at our food first.  if it didn't work, well, we'd be onto the next...

so in a nutty, uncharted shell, this is what i tell the brave souls who ask:

1. find, borrow and fake the confidence to find your own pace & make real food tweaks for your family.  my favorite saying as a coach is, "fake it until you make it!!!"  yes please. i did and still do everyday.
2. find a nutritionist or doctor who supports you and kick out the fake food from your kitchen.
3. get a hot new apron.
4. play awesome music in your kitchen every night.
5. keep a diary & take advantage of the amazing food tube... lessons in a half shell.  the internet rocks my kitchen.
6. adjust your budget to allow for better quality food (i hate and love my cash diet all at the same time).
7. laugh at yourself a lot.

there is nothing to lose.
have no regrets.
7 is my lucky number.
go after what you want baby.

we found our own course and that is what i am so very excited about.  you don't have to have a child with issues to gain BIG from focusing more on real food and cooking more often from scratch.  you don't even need to have kids for that matter!  we have the power and the freedom to chart our own map at the pace we can handle.  i drew mine different from my girlfriends who sketched it out before me.  and yours will be different than mine.  variety is the spice of life people!!

this whole cooking from scratch thang has me fascinated and wanting to stuff my cheeks.  not only with great quality food, but with the HOW.  school lets out in less than two weeks and my hot mamas and i are going to be lighting it up in our kitchens and all around.  the mullies is going on foodie field trips to local farms, cooking classes and all sorts of fun stuff.  then we're gonna get busy in the schools.  with the inception of our new district 76 wellness committee, there's going to be lots to do:)  ...oh, but then that would mean summer is over and i don't want to talk about that right now...

i want to learn how to cook like a rock star.  period.  all i want is for my kids to say, " i like your food mommy!"  they will eat tons of veggies when i cook them right.  i want my kids to learn how to cook better than i do... to be foodies for life.  it's my freakin mission to pick every brain, visit any kitchen i can to figure out how to make amazing food from scratch and pass it along to them and whoever is looney enough to come along with me for the ride.  i have some experience charting under my belt.  my first round was pitching and softball... after i figured out how to pitch well, i struck out 21 batters in a row, threw 3 perfect games in a row and got to wear northwestern purple for 4 years.  round 2 is cooking and my kids... hmmm what kind of fun will i have with this one?!

welcome to my new, self-imposed, uncharted mullies kitchen klass adventures without the tuition i can't afford (the kids need braces man), a strict scheduled curriculum or an official degree... just me bugging somebody to teach me something.  hmmm, perhaps i should get my hands on an outline of what one does learn in culinary school...  this will be some fun times.  i'm getting all tingly thinking about it.

the mullies is going to get hot & saucy this summer.  believe it.

i signed up for two FREE cooking classes with chef michael maddox at the fremont library yesterday:

summer french pastries on wed, june 12 @ 7pm & knife skills: from purchasing to sharpening and handeling on wed, july 31 @ 7pm.

oh yea baby, here we GO!!!!!  and always remember, "uncharted rhymes with farted".

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