Wednesday, May 15, 2013

connecting the lights for food revolution day friday!

yesterday was one big ol wonderful day.  so many things came together for my food revolution day event!  i think an angel was helping me out:)  i have to give a huge shout out to tanya, miss marketing fabulosity here with me in the picture.  she and her team at whole foods kildeer made a bunch of these wonderful signs for the community picnic i'm putting on for friday.  see that frisbee in her hand?  they donated a ton of those too!!  hellooooooooo, loving whole foods!!!!  we have a 9 hole frisbee golf course at the sports facility so these will be oh so perfect for our families to come out and play.  they will also be donating some grab and go produce for the event!  all i can say is WOW.

i just happen to be friends and neighbors with a guy who really knows his stuff when it comes to event production:)  jay and i scoped out the event location yesterday and talked music, speakers and wireless microphones.  i am so thankful for his help in bringing this event to life on friday!!  thank you so much!!

i also have the first draft of our map and vendor/sponsor list!  thank you thank you thank you mary for helping me put this together.  you and me... we could really light things up with our energy!!  LOVE IT!

have you rsvp'd your picnic basket yet!?  here is our online event link:

it's a real food waterfall community picnic on food revolution day! 

the mullies just keeps getting better.

big big news flash:

tommy is going to be my side kick and hang out with me on friday with a pretty amazing group of people.  have you ever heard of a google hangout?  this will be my second one with the food revolution community.  here is the first hangout i participated in with dr walter willet from harvard university.  i had a lot of fun chatting about our new year's resolutions and learned so much from everyone about taking simple steps to a healthier, more delicious life.  on friday, we and other members of the food revolution community will be hangin with the "daddio"of the food rev, mr jamie oliver!!!  what what - that's right - i can just hear the suit and tie music playing in my head!  and get this - the moderator of our hangout is the renowned author and educator anna lappĂ©.  my toes are just tingling about it.  i'll have some vegetables at the ready in case we need to stretch our hamstrings and dance it out.

i think it'll be just a tad bit super awesome.

so, clear your schedules and hang with us at 1pm chicago/central time (11am PST/2pm EST/7pm GMT) on friday!!  here is the link to the LIVE streaming event:

t minus 2 days and counting houston...



  1. JAMIE OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait! and that tommy, he's a cutie pie! xoxo, bunny


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