Tuesday, May 14, 2013

bread babe - a baguette pan for me

oh oh oh 

the funny thing is, i could not have identified this pan before my newfound bread making babe-ness.   

i super duper love my new "used" baguette pan!  here are my freshly risen loaves ready to go.

thank you christina!!! i truly heart them and you!!!  they work like a charm and both loaves were gonzos at dinner.  i think this recipe makes the best homemade baguettes ever.  notes:  i add additional scoops of gf flour until it's just tacky to the touch.

i did a little research last night and found my favorite article on why i'm not worried about my family's folic acid (folate) intake being gluten-free.  i had no idea that real food folate is different than supplemental folate (the folic acid that is added to fortify foods like refined wheat).  here is the article that left me smiling afterwards: supplemental folic vs real food folic acid.  it made me realize how much more folic acid we are ingesting than we were 8 months ago and i'm encouraged to keep going up up up with the veggies.   

yet another sweet side effect of going real with our food. 

i couldn't resist this one:  food allergies or just hype?  we all have our own food blueprint ya know:)

humina humina humina

4 more days until food revolution day 2013... the anticipation is killin me smalls!!!!!  
are you coming to party with me or what!?!?  RSVP to a really cool, real food picnic NOW!


and when i say "NOW" you must say it in jack's voice - 24 is coming back!!!  seriously.

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  1. wow! you truly are a bread babe now, loafs and baguettes!! four more days peeps!!!


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